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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Presidential 2018: Paul Biya orders the arrest of Akéré Muna

After the exclusive interview of the presidential candidate FDP / NOW movement Akere Muna on STV, the "old regime" of the old fox goes crazy. 

The frivolous complaint filed by Amah Tutu Muna of the CPDM, Akere Muna's younger sister, to please her teacher Biya, was forced to proceed without the lawyer Akere Muna, despite the fact that he requested an adjournment . The biased judge insisted that the case should continue as they did. The case was heard today on September 11 in the absence of the leader of the FDP / NOW movement. The case was adjourned to September 25 for judgment.

Why the government wants AKERE MUNA to be condemned at all costs.

1) The most feared presidential candidate, AKERE MUNA, has won the hearts of many Cameroonians who consider him the savior to free their nation from the oligarchs.

2) The members of the corrupt Biya regime want him to be sentenced to prevent him from becoming president, because if he becomes president, it will end the corruption, but these people enjoy the corrupt system.

3) AKERE MUNA would lead a single coalition against Biya for the October 7 presidential elections. The regime wants him to be condemned to prevent other political parties from forming a coalition led by him, since ten political parties support him as their candidate.

4) The NOW leader's zero tolerance of corruption is spreading panic among corrupt government officials and the only way to stop it is to obtain a conviction through fraud and strength.

The Kangaroo judge distorts the facts and even a preliminary objection filed by the defense lawyers for the leader of the NOW / FDP movement that the case is time-barred has not been taken into consideration.

The elections would start on October 7th and the Kangaroo judge plans to condemn the leader of the NOW / FDP movement on September 25th. The above case is politically motivated with the clear aim of preventing the lawyer AKERE from imposing itself on the office of President of the Republic.