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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Presidential 2018: occult ceremonies for the victory of Paul Biya as Nearly 1,500 traditional chiefs of the Southern Region renewed the blessing rite

Nearly 1,500 traditional chiefs from the southern region renewed the blessing rite of their chief of chiefs, President Paul Biya "Nnom Nguini". It was on September 13 in Ebolowa. A landmark day in the history of traditional chieftaincies in the South.

Three great articulations for a ceremony full of symbols: the conclave cheffal in the village hall of the Regional College of Agriculture of Ebolowa during which the leaders agreed on the outlines of the act to be performed, the blessing rite at the Square Paul Biya from downtown Ebolowa and handing over the blessed object to the governor of the South.

According to His Majesty René Desire Effa, President of the Regional Council of Traditional Leaders of the South, "since 2011, we have made the Head of State" Nnom Nguii ". From there, we sealed an alliance, we signed a pact. So we have an obligation to be with him ".

Never lived in the city of Ebolowa: traditional incantations and towers around the burning hearth, gestures of profound significance. Traditional leaders surround the photo of candidate Paul Biya in "Nnom Nguii" outfit.

For His Majesty Theophile Edjou'ou, chief of the 3rd degree of Mimpkwele village in the district of Biwong-Bulu, "this ritual we attended is to boost mentally, spiritually and even mystically the candidate Paul Biya. It is a sign of renewal of the contract established in 2011 you remember that we raised Paul Biya to the rank of "Nnom Nguii", so we register this gesture in continuity because we must remain loyal in the commitments made.

The great cheffal possession in the streets of the southern regional capital to the governor's services has come to demonstrate the omnipotence of traditional authority. A demonstration of force majeure which resulted in the handing over to the governor of the object blessed by a college of traditional chiefs.

Coming from the four departments of the region, they left with the feeling of work well done in favor of CPMR candidate Paul Biya.