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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Presidential 2018: mobile phones now banned in polling stations

Social Democratic Front (SDF) MP Jean Michel NINTCHEU has just reacted to the ban on the use of mobile phones in polling stations.

In a statement made public on Tuesday, Jean Michel NINTCHEU denounced this decision of ELECAM which, for him, does not rest on any legal basis.

Below is the full statement of Jean Michel NINTCHEU:

For the first time since 2004, cell phones have been subject to a ban on use Elecam polling day.

By this despicable act, this body supposed to be neutral and impartial decided to play with the nerves of Cameroonians by throwing oil on the fire. On what basis can it base itself to take such a decision in all respects. This decision is unconstitutional from the moment our fundamental law guarantees the right to information.

It also flagrantly violates the various international treaties ratified by Cameroon relating to access to information. This decision worthy of the time of Methuselah is a provocation too much. I urge Cameroonians not to forget their mobile phones as soon as they leave their house on October 7 to go to the polling stations and stay there until the polls close.

The falsification of PV obviously programmed and planned by the organizers of this presidential election will be fought with the last energy. This indigestible lust will not pass.

A well-trained citizen has the duty and the obligation to disobey an unjust order. All at the polls with our mobile phones.

Done at Douala on September 25, 2018.