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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Presidential 2018: the mission of Biya's lieutenants at the front

Unlike many of his opposition opponents, CPDM candidate Paul Biya has not yet demonstrated in the field five days after the official opening of the presidential campaign. 

The outgoing president has, however, surrounded himself with a small team that is going to the assault of the electorate on his behalf. Here are some key figures of this team.

The Heralds

Paul Biya having made the habit of not campaigning himself, it is Jacques Fame Ndongo, 67 years old, Minister of Higher Education and Communication Secretary of the CPDM, trained on the benches of the School superior of journalism of Lille, in France, who replaces him in the big media appointments.

At his side, the spokesman of the government, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, 69, also manages the communication of the president-candidate. The Garoua native, who is not a member of CPDM and heads the Cameroon National Front for Salvation (FSNC), is also an asset in managing relations with allied parties.

The Security

Guard Named at the beginning of March at the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji is responsible for the smooth running of the presidential election, particularly in the North West and South West regions. Well established in the intelligence services, the former secretary of the National Security Council, born in Bamenda in 1960, relies notably on governors and local traditional elites to secure the vote and the campaign.

Party relays

The CPDM machine and its territorial network are among the main assets of Paul Biya. To gather the troops, two men are at work: Jean Nkuete, 74 years old, secretary troops, two men are hard at work: Jean Nkuete, 74 years old, general secretary of the party since 2011, and Gregory Owona, his Deputy 68 years old.Also Minister of Labor and Social Security, the latter is willingly offensive in the media.

The charm asset

To compensate for the austerity of her husband's president, Chantal Biya (47) is used to wearing high the colors of the CPDM, as in 2004 and 2011. The 2018 edition is not much different. The first lady, who cultivates her image as a woman of the people, relies on her charitable actions and her contacts in the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (Cerac), of which she is the founding president.

Campaign Director

Paul Biya has still not officially decided: Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, former ambassador in Paris and current director of the civil cabinet to the presidency, has the favors of predictions to take the lead in the campaign. But the 61 year old man lacks benchmarks within the party as the administration, he has little frequented.

The candidate Biya could therefore prefer him Prime Minister Philemon Yang, already campaign manager in 2011 and who still appeared, there is little, as the natural choice for the job. Especially since a sidelining of Yang could open a premature fight for the prime minister.

Source: Young Africa