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Friday, September 14, 2018

Presidential 2018: here is what differentiates Maurice Kamto and akéré Muna

When he shaves in the morning in his bathroom, Maurice Kamto has three things in mind. First the presidential election of October 7, 2018 he wants to win. Then there is the parade on the canvas of the praise he made for Paul Biya in 2008. And, in the end, the incredible case Braintrust, for which an activist claims that the boss of the MRC "pocketed 14 billion CFA ". Which creates a deep disenchantment among the sympathizers. The case is constantly balanced in Kamto, which brings its precision. "14 billion is still a colossal amount. I point out that when I arrived at the Department of Justice, the Department of Justice was still at $ 12 billion. All the budget of the ministry. I would add that when this contract was passed, the department's budget was around $ 22 billion, and I do not have exact figures in that order. That would mean that we took more than 4 / 5th of the justice budget to give me, "he begins when he spent on Equinoxe TV.

"I would like to say this, I was not responsible for Braintrust. I have never been responsible for Braintrust (...) But since the creation of Braintrust, there has always been a manager who is not Maurice Kamto. I never denied that I was among those who created it, I was a shareholder in it. There is no debate here, but since my appointment on December 8, 2004, I have never been to Braintrust again. "

And the money pocketed so? "It involved the development of three codes for 74 million FCFA excluding tax and 89 million, including taxes: a civil code, a code of civil procedure and the reform of the penal code; all in French and English ". The public is therefore a video of 2008, in which Maurice Kamto is full of praise for President Paul Biya. Irrefutable.

Akeré Tabeng Muna is among the candidates that some find credible in the next presidential election. At 65, this lawyer is well known internationally. A keen lawyer, he has been at Transparency International, the former president of the Pan-African Lawyers Union played a significant role that some still want to understand before opening the grand portal of the Palace of Unity.

While waiting for another explanation of the former president, force is to return to a press conference held in Yaoundé in 2013. "Yes, a plane was retroceded. The plane was there. I recovered it. I handed it to my client, the State of Cameroon. I do not know what he did, "he told reporters. Another criticism made to Akeré is its "proximity" with the power of Yaoundé that the public deplores and that a presidential candidate next evokes in veiled words. "It all depends on what you put in the term opposition. Unlike most observers, I think there are two camps in this election. You first have the camp of the system which includes all these former great state clerks. They are made by the system they have served for a long time and continue to enjoy, "says Franklin Afanwi Ndifor of the Cameroon National Citizens Movement (Mcnc).

Who wants to be clearer "One is the heir to an apparatchik of the system. His father is one of the architects of the situation we live in the two regions in crisis. These, it is nearly thirty years since they pretend to fight against their parent. They will spend a hundred years there that the result will be the same, "says Franklin Afanwi Ndifor.