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Friday, September 21, 2018

Presidential 2018: EU will not send observers to Cameroon for the first time since 1990

Tradition has it that the European Union sends election observers to the presidential elections in Cameroon. But for the first time since the reopening of the country of Paul Biya multiparty in 1990, the European Union will not be present on the electoral field this year for the presidential election of October 7.

"The actual election observation has not been planned, has not been prepared," said EU Ambassador to Cameroon Hans-Peter Schadek. "But of course, we are there, we are watching what happens, and, according to the member states, we have taken one or the other of the civil society, especially if I can speak for the European Union. , an NGO that promotes the participation of women More Women in Politic ", he adds to justify a very small presence of the European Union.

"The Union should have been present"

But not enough to convince everyone. This abstentionist attitude of European diplomacy is a source of surprise for Emile Bindzi, the spokesman of Cabral Libii, one of the nine candidates for this presidential election. "This election is marked by a number of events, crisis in the northwest and southwest, problems in the far north that have not yet been resolved, tensions in the east, and it is clear and obvious that an institution like the European Union which is also working to promote human rights should have been present at such an important moment as this one, "he said.

The question of the weight of observers

On the other hand, Emile Bindzi believes that this will not change the electoral process in progress. "When one tries to make an assessment of the election observation by the European Union in Africa and everywhere, unfortunately, the results of this observation have never been taken into account by the winners by the vanquished, "he says. He goes even further. It has happened that the European Union gives credence to mock elections, full of electoral fraud. "

Anyway, the non-sending of election observers by the Union in Cameroonian society, some think of a boycott of Europeans in the election, while others speak of a denigration of the electoral system, to discredit the deadline.Some even say that the European Union would like to leave the Cameroonians to their sad fate, in a context of tearing whose solutions can only be endogenous.