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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Presidential 2018: Ambazoni's 'acting president' challenges Paul Biya

In Cameroon, the presidential election of October 7 is likely to be held in a context of violence with the Anglophone crisis that threatens to turn into a civil war.

The presidential election may indeed be disrupted with attacks of polling stations in the two English-speaking provinces. However, on Tuesday evening, on the antenna of the DW, Joshua Osih, the SDF candidate, Social Democratic Front, the main force of the opposition was favorable to the holding of the ballot despite the violence.

The separatists' response is clear: there will be no election on October 7. Moreover, they do not recognize themselves in the SDF. Samuel Ikome Sako, acting president of the self-proclaimed Federal Republic of Ambazonia, said he understood both English-speaking regions.

"We will resist any attempt to force us to participate in an election that does not make sense, we will only wait to see how they are going to do that, they are for federalism, we are not for federalism Federalism means: we want to continue to remain illegal, discriminate, we can not agree with these people, they do not listen to the people, they do not represent us. the problem we have now in our project for independence, "says Samuel Ikome Sako.

Authorities reassure

The presidential election of October 7 in Cameroon will run "in a peaceful environment" throughout the national territory, reassured for his part Paul Atanga Nji, the Cameroonian Minister of Territorial Administration. But some caciques of the party in power do not have any illusion. The political scientist Pascal Messanga Nyamding is a member of the CPDM's central committee, the Rassemblement démocratique des peuple camerounais and heads the "Biyayistes" Movement.

"I bet with you that the closer the elections are, the more they will carry out abuses. There is no certainty: these terrorists control the disorder, they have created a situation of lawlessness in certain areas, "says Pascal Messanga Nyamding. In the interest of appeasement, will the secessionist leaders call on their elements to observe a truce to allow the organization of a peaceful presidential election? Response from their leader, Samuel Ikome Sako: "We are going to call them to stop hostilities only if the invaders of our country will declare the cease-fire because we can not tell the victims not to defend themselves for there is peace. "

Cameroon's two English-speaking provinces, North West and South West, account for nearly 15% of the electorate, and just over 20% of the country's population.