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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Presidential 2018 - Albert Dzongang: "If the vote is free sincere and true, I do not see how Paul Biya can be even penultimate. It will only be last! "

The president of the political party Dynamique believes that an opponent can win on October 7 only if voters are required to "protect" their votes after the counting operations.

Guest of Cyrille Bojiko (Radio Balafon) in the morning of September 10, 2018, the opponent Albert Dzongang (The Dynamics) has long answered the question "is it still possible to cheat in the presidential election? Positive response from the former ruling party leader CPDM. "We can only cheat, he begins. Even if the sub-prefect who controls the elections at the bottom of him thinks that it is not good, he owes his function to someone who wants to represent himself. Who appointed the head of ELECAM? He is someone who is a candidate. Who appointed the governor? It is someone who is a candidate, who has already placed on the way of the elections all the tags with his colors. These people are tempted to steal, and that's what I mean today. It's serious ! "He cries. But, he says, "if the Cameroonians want us not to fly in elections, we will not steal."

It proposes a method which consists of the elector remaining at the place of the election once his duty is fulfilled, attending the counting, ensuring that the votes cast are indeed those who leave the ballot box. "We strip, we write on the board that some party had this or that. You are watching. As in Benin, you follow the ballot box to the counting office, the result will be what was in the ballot box. If you vote now and you say, "Well, I voted for Cyrille Bojiko and you go home to sleep while knowing that whoever is going to go and proclaim is not Cyrille Bojiko is someone who does not do not even like Cyrille Bojiko you did not vote ".

The leader of La Dynamique argues that without this precaution, votes will be diverted by supporters of Paul Biya. "You do not see these gentlemen who call others tourists while they are the real tourists accept that their champion has lost," he says. Dzongang also calls for solidarity between opponents engaged in the race for the October 7 election. "In a polling station, all the candidates are represented. For example in such office it is Cabral Libii who won. It is not necessary that the representatives of Osih, Kamto say: ah as it is Cabral, one only has to cheat "No! In each polling station, the only unit worthwhile at this time is the protection of the result in common. This is the result and it is this result that must go back to the Census of Votes Committee. "

With this strategy no chance for Paul Biya according to Albert Dzongang. According to him, the assessment of the 36 years of power of the outgoing president condemns him to a bitter failure. "If you do like that among the 9 there will be one who will have won. Because the tenth I do not know him. Not that I can ignore someone who has ruled the country for 36 years. I do not recognize him because I do not plead for him. If the vote is free sincere and true, I do not see how it can be even penultimate. It will only be last! "