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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Presidential 2018: Adamou Ndam Njoya is not sick!

The vice-president of the Democratic Union of Cameroon denied on the occasion of the broadcast channel Sunday, September 9, the opinion that Ndam Njoya would be sick.

Before this confirmation, the press and public opinion had questioned the absence of the UDC party in the media. While the other presidents of the parties were speaking on TV shows and social networks, the UDC candidate was silent, as did the outgoing President Paul Biya.

According to one opinion, silence would be a strategy of reflection on the problems that Cameroon is currently facing. The SVP being the dean's party, he remains experienced in the elections.

In addition, the vice president said that the UDC would be on the way with the creation and digitization of the political system of the party to acquire the majority in the elections of October 7. However, the party is open to any idea and proposal of coalition.