Tuesday, September 11, 2018

presidential 2018: Accused Of Having Received 50 Million From A Candidate To Produce A Song, Petit Pays Speaks Out

"The album" Renaissance "is on the market, it is not intended for an individual, it concerns the entire Africa, those who use it is good, everyone can use it? But do not tell anything. Petit Pays received 50 million CFA francs, that's wrong! Do not listen to what they said, I did not meet anyone, I make my albums, and I produce them at home in Bomono.Nobody gave me a cent. Who gave me money? Who can give 50 million CFA francs to Cameroon to an artist? Who can do it? The songs you can take them cross to animate your campaign, I do not say no, but I sang for all Africa ", These are the famous singer, songwriter Petit Pays.