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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pornographic Book In The Class Of 5E: Philémon Yang Orders The Withdrawal Of All Copies From The Market And Replace Them With New Ones

We announced it a few days ago a decision of the Prime Minister to intimidate the withdrawal of the book Pornographile class 5ème querellé. Well its done ! Yan Philemon took his responsibilities and also asked for the removal of all copies in the market and replace them with new ones.

A few days after the explosion of this vast scandal discovered in the book of the science of life and earth (SVT) put into program in 5th class, we told you from sources very introduced that the Prime Minister is was preparing to inform the minister of the secondary teachings of the withdrawal of this book that many parents of students, religious, and Media strongly contested for the education of their children.

Indeed, after many shouts and arrests of the national and international public opinion about this affair, we have witnessed as a kind of after-sales service carried out by some officials involved in the textbook validation circuit, having stormed the media to try to justify this abject and deadly validation of young Cameroonian learners.

A situation of disorder that opened the questioning related to the quality of education that should receive our young learners. Also, on the quality of the leaders in charge of the choice of textbooks in Cameroon.

Among the questions raised was the question of the urgent need to delete this book from the school curriculum. According to our sources, many mafia and sectarian networks exerted a very strong pressure on the Prime Minister so that this situation remains unchanged. For them, it was quite conceivable to prepare the children under 12, to remember expressions such as: (CUNNILINGUS, ZOOPHILIE, FELLATION, SODOMY and many others.).

The motive chosen here was that of the preparation of these children to accommodate these expressions, which do not fit with African cultural values, both modern and historical. As announced, the prime minister has just disavowed the minister of secondary education, as well as the commission having validated this book in the program, by a letter signed by its Secretary General. He orders to remove module 4 on the emergence of sexuality and other deviations from the human reproduction chapter of the 5th grade SVT book.

A decision that greets all the Cameroonians who see in this act, a reframing necessary for the continuation of the education of these young learners. In the same vein, the letter signed by the SG / PM also asked MINESEC to remove all copies on the market and replace them with new ones that do not contain this module.

After this measure, now remains the effective application of this decision prescribed by the boss of the government. Meanwhile, to establish the various responsibilities that led to such abuses, and the sanctions that will follow.