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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Poll: Here are the two favorite candidates against Paul Biya

It was this weekend that took place the launch of the official campaign marking the last sprint to the presidency on October 7, shy for some, it was rather resounding for two candidates who stand out particularly.

This is Cabral Libii, invested by the Universe party and Maurice Kamto of the MRC. The two candidates chose the city of Douala for the start of the campaign on Saturday, September 22 and Sunday, September 23, 2018.

Many commentators have presented the crowd who has invested the country sites like the one of 1992 which was at that time behind the Candidate of the SDF. Today the SDF seems to have lost room for the benefit of the parties of Cabral Libii and Maurice Kamto.

Several public polls, especially on our website have found that the Cameroonian public leans for a change of regime, it also shows that a benefit is the two great favorites that are Cabral Libii and Maurice Kamto.

We are here for the last two weeks before the final date when the voters of Cameroon and the Diaspora will decide the destiny of the country for the next presidential term of 7 years.

Today we are launching a final poll that runs until October 06, the opinion of all account, follow the link to vote.