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Friday, September 14, 2018

Opinion: Ernest Obama "if Maurice Kamto had been president, televisions would be closed and several journalists" Ernest Obama reacts to Maurice Kamto's refusal to appear on Vision 4 tv

Ernest Obama reacted promptly to Maurice Kamto's refusal to appear on the "decryption" show on Vison 4 television.

Guest of the 20-hour paper presented by Jean Jaques Ze, yesterday Wednesday, September 12 on Vision 4, Ernest Obama has returned to the controversy related to the refusal of Maurice Kamto to respond to an invitation addressed to him by Vision 4.

From the outset, the journalist will declare to be surprised by the tone used by Maurice Kamto in his statement. Ernest Obama will then support his statements by saying that the television he runs is a Republican media that opens its antenna without discrimination to all Cameroonians.

"Must we remind that Sosthène Médard Lipot, who is one of the close collaborators of Maurice Kamto, was at Vison 4? And that Emmanuel Simh was regularly invited on our antennas, "he recalls. When we aspire to lead a country, he says "we have to face the contradictions".

The journalist does not stop there, he continues "What struck me the most by reading this release, these are the words used by Maurice Kamto vis-à-vis the Cameroonian army. I have heartache when I see children who are orphans because their fathers were killed in Bamenda, Buea, Manfe. These widows who lost their husbands because they defended the integrity of Cameroon and the one who aspires to lead Cameroon from next October 07 believes they are criminals, it is serious and serious enough.

The director of Vision 4 television goes on to say that "If it is Maurice Kamto who had been President of the Republic, all the television channels would be closed, the censorship established and several journalists imprisoned by that they do not share his opinion".

However, Ernest Obama to finish specifies that the doors of Vision 4 remain open to Maurice Kamto, "It is not avoiding the debate that will serve the country we aspire to lead. Professor Maurice Kamto is someone we respect, we are a republican chain open to all possible candidates, "he concluded.

Recall that everything started from a statement issued by Maurice Kamto himself, stating that he will not take part in the show "Decryption" dedicated to the presidential election of October 7 and presented by Ernest Obama on Vision 4.

"I will not go to this television channel that promotes division and hatred between Cameroonians," says the statement.

Indeed, Ernest Obama, had hinted that he will do everything to have as a guest on the set of "Decryption" Professor Maurice Kamto, candidate of the MRC for the presidential next October.

A statement that did not fail to raise an uproar in the opinion. Some analysts have quickly thought of a "con trap", considering that Professor Maurice Kamto did not go to a television that calls him a "tribalist".

Célestin Bedzigui, for his part, invited political actors to "think twice before going to Vision 4", which he says has a "questionable" editorial line.