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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Operation Sparrowhawk: Nguini Effa demands his immediate release from prison

Jean Baptiste Nguini Effa has already won four judicial battles against the State of Cameroon before the Special Criminal Court (TCS) - two acquittals and two non-places to prosecution. After the Supreme Court annulled his sentencing to 30 years' imprisonment before the Wouri District Court following the obvious irregularities found in the judgment, the former DG of the SCDP considers that he is being held in custody. Kondengui Central Prison arbitrarily, on the basis of a de facto arrest warrant, which has expired since 2011.

According to the newspaper Kalara of Monday, September 10, 2018, the petition is referred to the Court of Appeal of the Center after a rejection in the high court of Mfoundi. On September 13, the lawyers of the former CEO of the SCDP will in principle present before the Court their pleadings on the merits for the immediate release of their client, Jean Baptiste Nguini Effa.

The Center's Court of Appeals routinely releases many prisoners in the same judicial situation as Mr. Nguini Effa and his co-accused. " She is now faced with the challenge of demonstrating that justice is blind to litigants, that she judges impartially regardless of their respective qualities ," the paper said.

As a reminder, Jean Baptiste Nguini Effa was sentenced by the Wouri High Court to 30 years in prison. As a result of this sanction, he had seen his property confiscated: bank accounts and real estate.

Just as he was sentenced to jointly pay with other convicts, the sum of 2,125,459,661 FCFA to the SCDP representing the amount of diversion that there was within this company. To this is added the amount of 20,000,000 FCFA in damages to the State of Cameroon and approximately 108,152,000 FCFA in costs.

Like Jean-Baptiste Nguini Effa, other SCDP executives co-accused in this case were sentenced: Onana Adzi, CFSP's financial director at the time, who received 13 years in prison, Jean Beautemps Mackongo Guéyé, former administrative and accounting director, converted into a chartered accountant, who managed with 12 years and Marc Didier Etoundi: 10 years. The latter are jointly and severally bound to pay with the ex-Dg the sums mentioned above. Their property has also been seized.