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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

nothing goes between the Biya clan and China

The bilateral part of the Head of State's stay in China was held on August 31, 2018 and ended with a dinner given in his honor, on behalf of President Xi Jinping, by the President of the National Committee of the Conference. Chinese People's Political Consultative Council (Senate), Mr. WANG YANG, at the Diaoyutai State Residence. Paul Biya and his Chinese counterpart discussed cooperation between the two countries.

During this meeting, the two Heads of State were surrounded for the occasion by the members of their respective delegations for talks that took place in two stages: a first part open to the press, marked by the opening statements of the two leaders, and a second part in camera.

President Paul Biya has pleaded with the Chinese for the partial or total cancellation of his debt to China, an attitude that Christian Penda Ekoka says is aimed at "further ruining China's confidence in Cameroon." "What is this president who spends time to indebt his country and then go begging his partners to cancel the debts?" Says a netizen specialist economic issues.

Countries take out the credits they invest and repay afterwards, and creditors lend on the basis of trust, and ability to repay. The Chinese have not made any favorable response and have simply donated 20 million yuan (about 1.7 billion FCFA) for the emergency humanitarian assistance plan for the North West regions and the South West. "We know how the Chinese will disburse this gift," says Hol, a political analyst.

The catastrophic management of all these loans and loans had pushed the Cameroonian government to issue a decree, one of the most absurd stipulating that Cameroon should no longer finance immature projects. To believe that this mode of financing was legal, in a country where the illicit enrichment of civil servants is celebrated.

All of President Biya's delegation in China will return with two cooperation agreements signed between the two countries. Among these agreements is a memorandum of understanding on the Chinese "Belt and Road" initiative; and a technical cooperation and assistance agreement with Yaoundé's gyneco-obstetrics and pediatric hospital, the Buea regional hospital and the Mbalmayo hospital.

Paul Biya then pleaded for China's short-term support in the construction of the Yaounde-Douala (2nd phase), Yaounde-Nsimalen and Edéa-Kribi highway projects.


Paul Biya borrows CFAF 450 billion from the Chinese to build a road from the port of Kribi to the forest of Lolabe, Lolabe must accommodate within a period of at least 5 years the terminal ore port. According to the adviser of President Paul Biya, Mr Penda Ekoka, it was up to the mining concessionaire to build this road and not to the Cameroonian government, the Chinese ask to be reimbursed, while the road is not over yet, eternal problems of compensation etc ... Meanwhile in China Paul Biya is asking for the cancellation of this debt and talks about another road project that could simply be synchronized with the construction of the port.

"It's when the construction of the port is complete that we realize that there is no evacuation route for goods," says Penda Ekoka. A study released by the Cameroonian government reveals that for 100 km of roads, 500 billion FCFA. The construction of this highway is vital for the Port of Kribi according to the Director General Patrice Melom who recalled in an interview with Cameroon Tribune on March 5, 2018 that the State of the Kribi-Edéa road was one of the main obstacles to the productivity of the port, "the state of the Kribi-Edéa road poses indeed problems to facilitate the evacuation of the goods of the port".


Cameroon borrowed money from the Chinese for the construction of the Yaounde-Douala highway. Since the start of works 4 years ago, the rate of execution is less than 70% for the first 80 kilometers according to the old map which without the advice of the Chinese, had been modified by the Cameroonian side.

04 years after the start of the work, it is the visit of President Biya in China which informs the opinion that there is no money available for the second phase. The Cameroonian government announced financing by a Chinese company in 2017 that had finally withdrawn because of governance.


11 km of road, for the so-called rural section, the project that initially was to cost 37 billion is now more than 70 billion FCFA of expenditure, and the 11 km are not yet finished. President Biya has been following this path every day since the foundation stone was laid in 2014. For the urban section, the most expensive road in the world is 189, 861 billion, of which 185 billion is work and 4 , 7 billion to study.

Note that between 2007 and 2017, China became the first Cameroonian creditor, the middle empire has injected 3000 billion FCFA, the equivalent of about 6 billion dollars in the country's economy , putting Cameroon among the top ten destinations for Chinese investment in Africa.

The Cameroonian authorities, according to the report by the Bretton Woods Institution, reiterated their commitment to respect the nonconcessional debt limit, noting that they had already selected in their 2018 debt plan priority projects in the country. key sectors (infrastructure, energy, construction, etc.).

The staff of the IMF and the authorities of Cameroon have therefore agreed to increase the concessional debt limit by 90 billion FCFA in 2018.

Cameroon estimates its debt at CFAF 6,527 billion as at May 31, 2018, or 32% of GDP. In detail, outstanding external debt is estimated at $ 4,956 billion at the end of May 2018 compared to $ 4,027 billion in the same period last year. As for domestic debt, CAA estimates that it is estimated at the end of May 2018 to 1,571 billion FCfa against 1,391 billion FCfa at the end of May 2017.

In addition, there is reason to question the judicious use of this unbridled debt, which also condemns several generations of Cameroonians and Cameroonians who will have to support financial commitments they will not have contracted

In other words, the erasure of a debt has the immediate consequence of automatically and retroactively erasing all wrongdoings and acts of prevarication committed when it is obtained by the members of the government who are in favor of most brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends, party activists and members of satanic circles.

Paul Biya

Chantal Biya

Frank Biya / Son of Paul Biya / Forestry Operator

Belinbga Eboutou aka Tom-Dollar says Bolingo / Former Director of Cabinet

Fame Ndongo: Minister of Higher Education

Olivier Mekoulou Mvondo: Director Caisse Nationale de Prevoyance Sociale

Akame Foumou: Vice President of the Constitutional Council / Uncle Paul Biya

Meva Meboutou

Alain Mebe Ngo'o

Ferdinand Ngo Ngo / Secretary General at the Presidency

Libome Likeng Mendomo / Minister of Telecom

Amougou Bete / Chief of Staff Individual

Osvald Baboke / Deputy Chief of Staff

Martin Mbarga Ngule. Police delegate

Fumane akame

Nkoto Ename / General Manager of Camtel

Mbarga Mboua Minister Charge of Mission to the Presidency

Jean Pierre Mvondo Evezo'o Magistrate outside Hierarchy

Gregoire Owona / Minister of Labor

Remy zemeka former minister

Mama Fouda - Minister of Health

Joseph Fouda / Admiral / Counselor of the President

General Claude Meka / Chief of State Major of the Arms

TSIMI EVOUNA / Government delegate

Adalbert Ndzana Bishop,


Atangana Clement; President of the Constitutional Council

Louis Paul Motaze / Minister

Joseph LE

And the others ...., Please complete the list my brother / my sister it is long

All or some are at liberty and guard with all the sums deriving from the multiple indebtedness and destiness to the development of Cameroon and the construction of the infrastures in beautiful and expensive country.

In a country so reputed for its practice of impunity, favoritism, tribalism and laxity, the only interest for such an operation would be to put wizards in the shelter and install them in a definitive quietude. The impact would be non-existent, both for our country in the long run and its image, to the extent that the calamitous conditions in which the country's resources were managed over the last 36 years would not be erased; with a serious deterioration of the trust capital of Cameroon, vis-à-vis the bilateral partners. But we will have to be able to count on them again, to rebuild our economy, and make it competitive in the current globalized context !!!

Journalist: Patrice Nouma