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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

New revelations about the sex scandal at the Cameroon Embassy in Italy

The Cameroonian Community of Rome and Lazio informs the public of the following communiqué: Mr. Dominique Awono Essama, Ambassador of Cameroon in Rome, Rue Regina Margherita 42 Rome (Tel: 0644232313), has been for several years carrying the AIDS virus, serious and contagious disease.

He has contaminated and continues to infect many women with whom he has frequent unprotected sex while ignoring his HIV status. We Cameroonian community of Rome and Lazio can affirm with certainty the identity of some Cameroonian and Italian women victims of the ambassador.

These are: E.M. N - S.N; -A.Z; M.L.E; L.K; E.N.L.

To this list must be added the wife of the ambassador and his fixed mistresses, all of whom are Cameroonians, all of whom live in Rome in luxury apartments in the care of the latter, as well as several other European lovers scattered in Rome and the rest of the country. Northern Center of Italy.

It should be noted however that the victims of the contamination are numerous and increase day by day because the ambassador continues voluntarily his dirty work while knowing his seropositivity.

These contaminations began in January 2009 when the latter arrived in Rome. The facts are now public records in the city of Rome and throughout Italy.

It should be noted that many of the ambassador's victims have never had the courage and the strength to file a complaint against the perpetrator of this despicable and criminal act.

Let us also add that the ambassador and his victims of Rome are followed at the Spellanzani Hospital in Rome where Dr Sandrine Valérie OTTOU TEMGOUA works, who assisted and interned the ambassador and the infected girls.

Informed people are:

-Franklin TJOL, Former President of the Cameroonian Association of Rome Tel.3206558813.

-Victor, ex driver of the ambassador Tel 3510544367

- Dr. Sandrine Valérie OTTOU TEMGOUA Tel 3396888105.

The Cameroonian community of Rome and Lazio produces this communiqué at the end of the thorough investigations to stop this voluntary contamination which is a despicable and criminal act. End of text

Text translated from Italian to French. This is the document at the origin of the case. For reasons of protection of the victims, I decided not to publish the names but some initials.

NB: The one who is not happy goes to the CRTV, Cameroon Tribune or Vision 4. This is the opposition.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt