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Saturday, September 29, 2018


This Institution organized from 18 to 19 September 2018 in Yaounde, a training workshop for law enforcement officials and other social workers to support children victims of violence.

Strengthening the capacity of participants to provide adequate assistance to children who are victims of violence in conflict situations is the overall objective of this workshop, in addition to the staff and members of the National Commission for Human Rights. Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF), but also lawyers, civil society organizations, judicial police officers, social workers and doctors.

During this workshop, participants were also informed about the general situation of child victims of violence, their needs for legal and psychosocial assistance and the legal instruments guaranteeing the protection of these children; to examine the difficulties that law enforcement officials and social workers face in dealing with child victims of violence; train the targets for hearing and accompanying children who are victims of violence and encourage the creation of a pilot network of professionals to listen to and accompany children who are victims of violence.

In Cameroon, children are victims of all kinds of violence, are poorly treated, wandering, endangering the use of drugs and worse, victims of humanitarian crises.

For the President of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms, Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda, it is urgent for the Commission today "to strengthen its advocacy and grassroots actions for children, all over the world. territory and in crisis areas. "

In addition, he says, "our role is to look after their best interests, to ensure the protection of their rights, to education, to health, to security, to the family."

The Swiss Ambassador to Cameroon Pietro Lazzeri supports this initiative through cooperation aimed at achieving the objectives of promoting and protecting human rights.