Friday, September 14, 2018

Music Artists announce a peaceful sit-in before Prime Minister Philemon Yang's Office on Monday

Cin | The artists made this announcement on September 12, 2018. It was during the press conference that they gave Yaoundé at the place Case des arts. During this conference they expressed their discontent and especially their fed up about the cacophony observed in the management of the musical art since 2008. Led by the artist Jean-Pierre Essome, they indicated that they will start their movement of mood from September 16, 2018. " It's been more than 14 years that I do not perceive my copyright. The cacophony in our industry today is because people do not want to respect the law. Our sit-in, which we are launching on Monday, concerns two complaints. We demand the recovery of nearly four billion FCFA from our users and the application of the law of 2000/011 / of 19 December 2000 which provides for the creation of a single society of collective management of our rights. Since 2008, several copyright management companies have been created and the civil servants who only have to supervise us continue to divide us by managing our money as they see fit, "explains Jean-Pierre Essome in the columns of September 13, 2018. from the daily Le Jour.

Our colleague emphasizes that the peaceful sit-in that artists intend to make next week is caused by the lack of a policy put in place by the Government to allow artists to have acceptable living conditions. In his posture as one of the spokespersons of the collective of artists called " Stand for our rights ", Jean-Pierre Essome declares " here is back to school. Many of our colleagues fail to enroll their children in school. Cameroonian artists are in precarious conditions and they have no professional status. The copyright sector is in a state of cacophony because some people work solely for their own benefit . " Messi Ambroise by way of addition, indicates that the companies that hold the 4 billion FCFA claimed by the artists, are ready to pay. Only they do not know where they have to go.