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Monday, September 24, 2018

More than 3 tons of products estimated at 35 million burned

More than 3 tons of products estimated at 35 million francs, such is the cargo of products seized and burned this September 18, 2018 at the dump of Bertoua. The seizure of this important stock is with the assets of the customs service of the Eastern region.

"The production, storage and consumption of products are regulated. We all know that drugs must be handled by health professionals. That is why the customs do this work of control as a tool of social protection.

This in support of other administrations, including health services, "says Kengfoua Vincent, head of Eastern Customs. Thus, during the recent control missions carried out in the Eastern Region, specifically in the towns of Kentzou (Kadey Department), Garoua-Boulai and Bertoua (Lom and Djerem Department), the Customs Service of the region has disabled this important stock of contraband products.

These are counterfeit medicines, contraband cigarettes, adulterated whiskeys, non-impregnated mosquito nets, non-biodegradable plastic packaging, 10 kg of Indian hemp, but above all 81,000 tramadol tablets (drug and stimulant vulgarly called tramol and highly sought after by young people). ). It is in the travel agencies that most of these products have been seized. Owners absent at the time of the seizure refused to show up.

The seizure of 10 kg of Indian hemp when it is, is the result of the elements of the Special Team of Rapid Intervention (ESIR) of Bertoua during their various patrols.

"When you consume drugs that are unfit for consumption, you risk a lot of things.First the disease for which the product is supposed to provide solutions will not be cured. Secondly there will be complications that can be life-threatening hepatitis or kidney type.

This action is welcomed today because it is in line with the will of the Head of State to provide quality health care to people, "says Dr. MABOULI Floribert, administrator of the regional fund for the promotion of health in the East. To ensure their total destruction, these unhealthy products were cremated in the presence of territorial administrators and regional delegates serving in the city of Bertoua.