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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Maurice Kamto: Cameroonians react to Kamto Vision4 saga

After the letter from the MRC candidate posted on his Facebook page and the denial of the director of Vision 4 Ernest Obama, the web ignites while the debate swells within the opinion.

There is no question of pretending. The positions of each part are known. Maurice Kamto, the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) refused the invitation of Ernest Obama on the program Décryptage broadcast Friday on the television channel Vision 4. "I will not go in this TV channel which promotes the division and the hatred between Cameroonians, who despises the innocent English-speaking Cameroonian populations trapped between the criminal fire of the secessionists ".

The MRC candidate continues by saying that, given his republican values, he can not endorse the editorial line of this medium: "I will not know by my presence in this media, given the republican values ​​that are mine , endorse the editorial line of this channel which seems not to worry about the disastrous consequences of its genocidal accents ". For Maurice Kamto, Vision4 is simply a chain whose goal is to divide and stir up hatred between Cameroonians. After reading this letter, the Director of Vision4, guest of the 20-hour newspaper, on the channel he directs, recalled that after his interview with the candidate Franklin Afanwi Ndifor on September 7, he had announced that he would contact Maurice Kamto for the next edition. A few days later, he made contact with the spokesperson of the MRC to ensure the availability of the latter.

Unfortunately, it has told him that Maurice Kamto could not participate in the show.On the set of the 20-hour newspaper, Ernest Obama has denied the words of Maurice Kamto: "Vision4 is not a chain of hatred, Vision4 is not a chain that divides.And to continue, Mr. Kamto believes that Vision4 is a television that has genocidal accents ... I do not know what content the jurist Maurice Kamto puts in genocide. I have the impression that Mr. Kamto went in all the chains where the opinion, or at least the editorial line, was favorable to him ". As a result of this altercation between the two men, many reactions followed. In particular, that of the political scientist Mathias Eric Owona Nguini who writes on the web that the reaction of Maurice Kamto is demagogic. The newspaper Anecdote in its September 13 issue title: "Maurice Kamto insults the Cameroonian army. "

Since the beginning of this controversy, the fabric ignites between defenders Maurice Kamto and those of the Amougou Belinga television channel. If the refusal to participate in a television set in a medium that is not friendly to you is in no way a crime, the refusal to go should not be advertised.

Source: The Essential No. 193