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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mathias Owona Nguini Reacts To Maurice Kamto Refuser To Go To Vision4

Professor Eric Mathias Owona Nguni reacted to the refusal of Professor Maurice Kamto to present himself on a TV show on Vision 4. The academic who regularly performs a media lynching exercise of the candidate of the MRC for the presidential election next October 07 argues that Maurice's reaction is only a "perfectly demagogic" reaction

read the full reaction of Prof. Eric Mathias OwonaNguini

Firstly, it must be emphasized that the media organs that exist in the communication and information landscape in our country have the freedom to have an editorial line. Now, Professor Maurice Kamto's reaction is a perfectly demagogic reaction.

Since this is a medium where there are speakers with extremely critical positions of identity Anglophonie mobilization. He went on Africa Media in the electoral logic because it is to seduce the pan-Africanist clientele, indicating without any substantive argument that now he was favorable to the exit of the Franc zone.

In reality, it is a way to parade in the face of a questioning that would not be a complex questioning compared to those he presents as his opponents, as well as Ernest Obama, Vision 4 journalist, Dieudonn√© Essomba, statistician engineer, economist who is a renowned and renowned expert of the public space, and myself √Čric Mathias OwonaNguini, multicart and academic player.