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Friday, September 28, 2018

Littoral: secessionists threaten schools

Aware of the Moungo's proximity to the South West region affected by the Anglophone crisis, education stakeholders have adopted measures to ensure a safe academic year for 2018/2019 students. 

At a security coordination meeting in Nkongsamba, held on September 26, 2918 and chaired by the delegate of departmental secondary education, Emmanuel Nzoki, the education stakeholders exchanged knowledge on how to guide the learners against crime and violent practices.

According to NZOKI, the instructions came from the Minister of Secondary Education, and demanded that education stakeholders be made aware of the difficult context and the task ahead of them.

According to him, the meeting was a way to report the difficulties faced by Moungo schools, which now host a large number of displaced learners from the Southwest region.

Newly appointed school officials in the Moungo Department have also been instructed to help them avoid significant security problems.

Steps have been taken to make students aware of caution. They should not be transported by moto-taximen they can not identify. This prudence will save them from the hands of the kidnappers.

Some schools have introduced identity cards for students to identify intruders.However, it is expected that these measures will be fully implemented for the safety of Moungo teachers and learners.