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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Kumba: First CPDM meeting ahead of Presidential Election

The first meeting of militants of the CPDM party in Meme Division convened for Kumba, South West Region has flopped owing to the uncertainties of the Anglophone crisis.

A secret release from the Divisional coordinator of the party, former Minister Benejamin Itoe had envisaged a joint section conference for Friday September 7.

CPDM Meme, Minister Benjamin Itoe
On the day of the meeting, just a few militants showed up at a secret venue. Most of them did not put on their political party paraphernalia.

Few minutes after, there was a change of venue. Then those who came for the meeting waited in vain. The convener was nowhere to be found.

The former minister had reportedly stayed away from the meeting owing to reports of a campaign from section presidents against the conclave.

Unlike others usually staged during the election period, the current security threats forced the organisers to mask the gathering from the public.

It is reported that, most of those expected at the meeting could not dare the atmosphere to step foot on Kumba. Some executive members of the host section Meme IA grumbled that, the Divisional commission did not consult it before arranging the meeting.

One of such members whose identity we have concealed for professional reasons said “they organised the meeting in their usual partisan way. I was not invited to the meeting… I only heard some people informing others from different sections that… the Divisional Commission staged the meeting”.

While the same source confirmed that, the Divisional Coordinator of the Party for Meme, Benjamin Mutanga Itoe was in Kumba, a protégé of the former minister insists that Itoe was never in kumba.

A text message purportedly attributed to former minister Mutanga cautioned the invitees against making any radio announcement. The same message said the meeting was for presidential instructions on the elections.

“ Comrade Section Presidents (C.W and & Y) and militants. Whatever threats, fears or intimidation, the CPDM must remain courageous and brave. We must continue to blossom and boldly occupy our dominant political space and governing status.

Please mobilise and galvanise your militants and convene and attend a joint section with me and your militants on Friday the 7th September at 9AM in the Kumba City Council to receive presidential instructions among other important matters prior to the campaigns.

On or before the 6th of September, identify and propose to Elecam kumba the presidents and polling agents in polling stations subsection. Branch and cell presidents and their executives have an important role to play. All of them available should be able to attend.

Transmit this message to your militants confidentially. No radio announcements. Act very urgently and diligently on this please. Note: Security is guaranteed”. The secret text message read.

A close aid of the former minister told The National times that, Itoe is author of the text message dated August 31st.

The CPDM in Meme Division is no stranger to political disagreements. Disagreements over motions of support have resulted in public fights among militants.

It’s five sections viz; Meme IA, IB IC, Meme II(Mbonge) and Meme III(Konye) disagree oftentimes. The relationship between the Divisional head and the section presidents is always shaky.

As insecurity bites across the North West and South West Regions, the National Chairman of the CPDM Paul Biya in a recent circular has prescribed a door-to-door campaign strategy to reach out to militants ahead of the October 7 polls.