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Monday, September 24, 2018

Kondengui inmates distance selves from Living Together initiative

Over 50 Anglophone detainees at the Yaounde Central Prison, Kondengui, have distanced themselves from a Living Together initiative purportedly plotted by Mancho Bibixy.

In a letter dated Saturday September 23, 2018, signed and secretly released to the public, they indicated that none of them was consulted before another letter addressed to the Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT), Paul Atanga Nji, was written.

“We the undersigned Ambazonian prisoners of conscience illegally abducted and jailed in the Yaounde Central Prison in Kondengui following the dubbed “Anglophone Crisis” since 2016, distance ourselves from a document in circulation titled “A Mini Football Tournament for Peace and Unity,” from the Yaounde Central Prison. We were never consulted nor did we mandate anybody to organise a “Living together” (Vivre ensemble) tournament pitting Anglophones Vs Francophones,” the letter read in part.

The inmates went furthered that such letter signed by Mancho Bibixy, and Ngalim Elvis, is null and void, giving that a majority of Anglophone detainees don’t adhere to any living together initiative.

It should be recalled that a leaked letter circulating on social media and supposedly came from Mancho Bibixy and other Anglophone inmates in the Kondengui Maximum security prison, and addressed to the MINAT boss, Paul Atanga Nji, insinuated that Anglophone detainees initiated a mini-football tournament between Anglophones and Francophones. The letter continued that the motive of the initiative is to consolidate Cameroon’s One and indivisibility.

Though both letters carry the names and signatures of recognised Anglophone detainees, Mimi Mefo Info, however continue to indicate that it cannot independently authenticate their veracity.

Source: mimimefo