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Friday, September 14, 2018

Kidnapped CDU baobab, Konye Councillor regain freedom

D.A Toungang, Political Bureau Member of the Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU) and Councillor Jacob Ewang of Konye, South West Region of Cameroon, kidnapped under different circumstances have both regained their freedom after spending days in the unknown.

Takoungang, a frontline militant of the CDU regained freedom around midday, Wednesday, September 12. Takougang, who is the voice of Adamu Ndam Njoya, candidate at this year’s Presidential election in Cameroon went missing from his Fiango residence in Kumba last Monday.

Moments after his release, Takougang sounded positive but maintained sealed lips over the untold story of his abduction.

Circumstances leading to his release remain unclear. Like many others kidnapped within the troubled Anglophone Regions of Cameroon, the popular believe is that, his family might have paid a ransom.

In like manner, Councillor Ewang, kidnapped on August 31, while jogging on the streets of Kumba has regained freedom. The staff of the Konye Basic Education Inspectorate was whisked-off few days to school resumption. His relatives have failed to confirm if money exchanged hands with gunmen for his release.

Contrary to these brief abductions and releases, the case of the traditional ruler of Ikiliwindi remains mind- troubling.
Chief Collins Mbelle Ndiba has clocked one month in the unknown after being kidnapped a second time on August 11. He was first kidnapped on February 20 and released after close to four months in captivity.