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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Justice: new threat on the candidacy of Me Akere Muna

The African Movement for New Independence and Democracy (MANIDEM) is angry with Akéré Muna, the presidential candidate for the FPD. The wing led by Anicet Ekane blames him for joining the rival faction led by Dieudonné Yebga, who was presented as "excluded" from the party.

In a letter addressed to the President of the Electoral Council of ELECAM on 24 September 2018, which concerns "protest", the MANIDEM branch recognized by the Ministry of Territorial Administration accuses Akere Muna, to use in its media media campaign, the logo of MANIDEM, as proof of the support of this party, to his candidacy. "It is based on a statement by Dieudonné Yebga who dares to present himself as President of the Manidem," writes Anicet Ekane, the main leader of this faction of the MANIDEM. He continues: "Now, this gentleman was excluded from the Manidem at our last Congress, held June 2, 2018 in Douala. We send you as an attachment the letter of the MINAT taking acts of the changes which occurred during this Congress ".

"Anicet Ekane denounces an illegal action by the standard bearer of the FPD. This misuse of the logo of MANIDEM while harming us (because we did not bring any support to Akere Muna), constitutes a forgery and false use tending to vitiate the vote of the voters ", he says before calling ELECAM kindly take all the provisions that your role confers upon you, to stop this sham ".