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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Joseph Mbah Ndam: "The government has led Cameroon to disaster"

Secessionists are gaining ground in the English-speaking areas of Cameroon, and people continue to desert towns and villages.

MP Joseph Mbah Ndam, vice-president of the National Assembly and member of the SDF opposition party, believes that Cameroon is at a dead end and regrets that the youth of the English-speaking regions disappear in the bush to fight.

Joseph Mbah Ndam, vice-president of the National Assembly of Cameroon and SDF deputy of the North-West, from the small town of Batibo, draws an apocalyptic portrait: deserted villages, destroyed hospitals in the English-speaking regions.He accuses the government of Paul Biya of having "led Cameroon to disaster".

"I would say Cameroon is in a dead end," he told the DW. "There is no governance in the North West and the south-west of our country. There were many killings on both sides. We lost many members of our law enforcement and the army. We lost a lot more young people, our children who took the path of the maquis. And for two years that we did not have school, these children became drug addicts: they are in the bush, they constitute themselves in army, several armies, I would say, because every corner in these two regions has its army . "
Joseph Mbah Ndam visited the English-speaking region where he originates he returned shocked." I just Batibo, and I amarrived in the village less than two weeks ago, "he says.

" I was scared because Batibo was deserted. The grasses grew everywhere.There is no more population. The only hospital in the district served was destroyed by the army. I did not have the courage to go to the morgue because the bodies that were kept in the morgue all rotten. This is the scene I lived in Batibo. "
" I speak with tears in my eyes, "he says with emotion." Because what happened to us, the situation in which the government told us trained, is something that History will regret for a long time. "