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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Insecurity: Regime of Yaoundé under pressure as Russian diplomat who was attacked speaks out

The diplomat who was the victim of aggression close to the Palace of Unity asked Cameroon to find the perpetrators of this act but also to strengthen the security of all diplomats accredited in Cameroon.

In a document that has been kept in strict respect of confidentiality, finally available because it has leaked official channels, perhaps through the action of the Russian Federation's ambassador or by the dishonest civil servants of the Ministry of Scientific Research. , the representative of Vladimir Putin returns on the incident occurred on 09 September in the cables of a hotel located not far from the Palace of Unity. A place frequented by high personalities of the republic for the purpose of fitness through the practice of sport or for walks. Indeed, Anatoly Bashkin said to have been "attacked and wounded by two armed bandits during his walk". This prompted the Plenipotentiary of Russia to urge "the Cameroonian authorities" to do "what is necessary to find and arrest the perpetrators", and to "ensure and strengthen the security of diplomatic missions and their employees".

A situation that comes as the general delegation to the National Security has created the Company to secure diplomats and representatives of international organizations in Cameroon (Csd) since 2007. Who is nevertheless in the residential area of ​​Bastos. Nearly 100 police officers were assigned to this other police unit. At the official launch of Csd activities, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo 'o then General Delegate to the national security specified that "the Csd was set up in execution of the high directives of the president of the Republic on the security of the persons, the goods and the nationals of the friendly countries".

The Dgsn of the time then mentioned that for " executing this prescription, it was necessary to set up a proximity police. We identify the specific threats to the components of the population, and we put in place security provisions by involving the people concerned ". It will be heard during the speeches that the company "will perform its missions in terms of security concerns of diplomats. This is not a newly created police unit. It falls under the Central Command of the GMI. "Between these promises and the reality on the ground we ask the question about the effectiveness of this company to secure diplomats to the extent that the questioning of the Russian ambassador and comes to demonstrate that there is a kind of laxity within the Cameroonian security system, a country that receives many tourists and is expected to see this number increase next year with the African Cup that it organizes.

Insecurity in Yaoundé

Last March an American diplomat had already drawn the attention of his fellow citizens to observe certain provisions in the face of growing insecurity in the political capital. He then invited the Americans of Cameroon to"  take adequate personal precautions, especially in the Bastos Circle area. It was then a question of " walking alone in the streets. Walk in groups or travel by car whenever possible, to travel in remote areas and park only in well-lit areas at night, to leave valuable objects, such as backpacks, laptops, mobile phones , etc., inside your vehicle.

Always concerned about the well-being of Donald Trump's compatriots, this diplomat said that it was necessary to "have a cell phone" on oneself and to "remain vigilant" while being "informed". He also proscribed the wearing of "earphones or". As for the owners of vehicles, this official on duty at the Embassy of the United States asked to "immediately lock the doors ... from the entrance. ". The opening on Cameroon. France had already done so with regard to the consumption of water from Cameroon taps. The compatriots Emmanuel Macron was prohibited from swallowing this commodity because it would be harmful. Here comes the pressure on the Yaoundé regime because the security not only of local people and guests remains an important project to avoid falling under the prism of "dangerous destination".

Dimitri AMBA