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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Insecurity: 6 killed in Kangarawa attack

Six people were killed in an attack by elements of the Boko Haram Islamist sect last Wednesday in Kangarawa, a town in the far North region.

Credible sources say six peasants were shot dead in yet another jihadist attack on Wednesday, September 19, in Kangarawa, as they returned from the market.

The assailants, one learns; robbed their victims before executing them later. These are named Abba Idrissa, Moussa, Koda evil, Gana evil, Goygoy and Blama Seini all traders and from the district of Mora.

Alerted, the Cameroonian defense forces descended on the scene and the attackers were repulsed.

While it was believed a lull in the northern part of the country, this other surprise attack by Boko-Haram terrorists shows that the war waged by the Cameroonian defense forces to eradicate the exactions of jihadists is far from over.