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Sunday, September 16, 2018

In the face of the secessionist threat, the Governor of the Southwest, Bernard Okalia Bilai prevents people from fleeing from Buea

Populations are fleeing en masse from the South West and North West Regions to avoid being the victims of the final assault announced by the separatists.

Columns of families. Men, women and children. Luggage on the back, on the shoulders, on the head or in a door. Direction, the road stations and other travel agencies scattered in different localities of South-West and North-West, the two Anglophone Regions of Cameroon in the grip of a war of secession.

These devastating performances since this week in the western part of the country, are the consequences of the threats made by the secessionists. Through leaflets and other means of communication, the secessionist fighters have asked the population to move away from the two regions so as not to be counted among the victims of the final assault they will launch by the end of this month. of September 2018 against the "occupation forces", thus speaking of the defense and security forces of the Cameroonian government.

"We can not stand anymore. It's serious. There is not a day going on without being threatened. Despite the speeches of the authorities in the direction of reassuring us. The reality on the ground is something else. Secessionists murder and rape our loved ones when they want and how they want. I prefer to take my family elsewhere while waiting for peace to return, "says Jude Njie, who left Kumba with a wife and children for a foster family in PK 12 in Douala.

In order to put an end to the mass exodus of people, the Governor of the South-West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, went this Saturday, September 15, 2018 to the bus station of Mile 17, located at the entrance of the city of Buea, capital of the South West Region. In the midst of a crowd of travelers, he tried to dissuade fugitives who decided to leave their homes and some goods for safe places.  

 "Do not give in to manipulations, to rumors circulating that the defense and security forces will launch the assault. They do not launch the assault. It is rather the terrorists who want to launch the assault and the security forces are there to break this assault. The population must stay at home, collaborate with the security forces. Parents and children are leaving while many are already enrolled in schools where will these children go? Where would all those who lived in those quietly go? I ask you to go home, go about your business, trust the security forces and defense. All measures will be taken to ensure your safety, "said the land chief.

A speech that, it seems, fell on deaf ears because, after the departure of the governor and his close guard, the populations continued to embark for the Regions of the Littoral, West and of the Center.