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Thursday, September 13, 2018


The President of the National Council of Communication (CNC), Peter Essoka reacted on Tuesday on the sidelines of a seminar he organized on September 11, 2018 in Yaounde on "The hate speech in the media in Cameroon"

Guest of CRTV radio's 13-hour newspaper on Tuesday, the former CRTV journalist reviewed the objectives of the seminar, which aims to combat "the publication of information and the broadcasting of programs highlighting hateful remarks. inciting violence, exclusion, stigmatization or sedition ".

Here is an excerpt from his interview at 13h on the CRTV

Faced with the hate speech that is commonplace in the media, do you feel hatred?

Not at all ! I have that Christian character that I use in everything I do, despite everything that can happen to me. I was sentenced by justice on the same thing; because I tried to criticize the fact that we should not use hate speech that some media have proposed and give it to anyone and no matter how.

In your opinion, where does hate speech develop the most?

All over ! Because it's whoever is there. When conventional media begin to use this speech I am afraid. We will try at all costs that it does not happen. We must change.

Are there any expressions that are particularly shocking in the media discourse?

Absolutely! Maybe they are not words, but when you show a naked professor in front of an audience, is that journalism? When you say '' some part of your country is made up of rats and cockroaches and everybody coming from this side of the country is a terrorist so you have to take all this people and kill them ''; is that what a real journalist, a media player has to say? Not at all ! What we are doing is encouraging what was encouraged in Rwanda in 1994. And what did we have, the civil war. Is that what we want in this country? Cameroon that everyone has classified as a peaceful country. Not at all ! This seminar is to remind journalists that the time is not up to the destruction of the country. We are here to build, to educate people.