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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

'I do not want my son to play for Cameroon' Say's Dimitri Oberlin's father

St├ęphane Oberlin is the foster father of Dimitri. He revealed that he was totally surprised by the selection of his son in the Cameroonian national team. It is not sure that the principal concerned was aware of the fact of his appeal because he would have only one passport, and it is not that of Cameroon.

"I was watching teletext when I saw Dimitri's name. I obviously read the article and I saw that Cameroon had called. I was not aware of anything and I think Dimitri either, "he explains.

"That's the craziest thing. Dimitri only has the Swiss passport, I can certify it to you. It's his nationality, period. Cameroon is trying to get it back, but it's a maneuver. I'm going to call Dimitri on Tuesday night to talk about it with him live, but I'm not in favor of him going to play with him. His country is Switzerland. After, I know that from a sports point of view, you can play for one country and have another nationality, but I do not like it. "

The young man has also been called by the hope selection of Switzerland for the same FIFA period and he should clearly express his choice. He already had a first selection with the national team of Switzerland while Nati delivered a friendly match in Greece. Since it was an official match, he can still change his sporting nationality like Paul-Georges Ntep.