Saturday, September 29, 2018

How Atangana Kouna tries to manipulate TCS from Kondengui

Several urban radio stations in Yaoundé (if not all) organized interactive debates last week on two hot topics. The first on the "reimbursement of about two billion CFA francs" by the Belgian businessman Massard, pinned by Operation Sparrowhawk in the context of public procurement on drinking water supply to Camwater. The second on the "announced closure of the Douala airport by ICAO".

A lot of saliva and especially venom flowed during these two interactive debates, which have been broadcast by other radio and television stations across the country. What did not we hear? What did not we say? Terrifying confusions.Settlement of accounts prepared.Manipulation of public opinion, etc.

And in the end, the naive people of the auditors instrumentalised and turned into a joke by misinformation at the antipodes of the universal right to information without bias. For all these excesses of which Cameroon is now customary, J'accuse.

I accuse the Cameroonian justice

Did Mr. Massard refund the money stolen from Cameroon water utilities? What is this affair? Was there a prior judgment?Who better than the Cameroonian Justice, through the Special Criminal Court (TCS), to shed light on the public opinion.

Without betraying the secrecy of education, the affairs that are instructed in the role of the TCS deserve public communication, for the good guidance of all. The justice of the countries in the West communicates systematically on all the sensitive files to its charge. With every important news involving the work of the justice, the prosecutors of the Republic in France give a press conference.

Why Cameroon, so inclined to take example among Westerners, does not it?This is the best way to clean up the information around the business related to Operation Sparrowhawk. Otherwise, this operation will continue to reflect the image of a strategy of political cleansing wanted by the prince, to punish all those who have eyed his presidential chair.

I accuse the politico-administrative mafia

In the observation, Cameroon is viciously worked by wars of networks positioned to control the macro-politico-administrative structure. Depending on the stakes and its interests, each network draws the chestnuts from the fire by injecting information (very often false), to influence the decisions of the summit of the State.The most eloquent example is certainly the current campaign of intox against the leaders of the Airports of Cameroon (ADC). Indeed, for some weeks, manipulators carpet in the shade blow on embers of a fire never seen at the international airport of Douala.

After an unexpected notice of strike never carried out by airlines, today is the fear of a planned closure of the international airport of Douala by ICAO. Not without having suggested problems of governance in the rehabilitation of the aeronautical pavement of this airport. Of course, nothing true to all this. Question at a penny: who benefits from the crime? Once again, the Cameroonian people are the turkey of a farce far from taking into account their interests.

I accuse the Cameroonian media

Does the Cameroonian press respect the principle of presumption of innocence in its treatment of judicial news? One would be tempted to answer in the negative. So drifts in this area have become the rule.Pre-trial detention as part of Operation Sparrowhawk has become synonymous with guilt for much of the Cameroonian press.

The payment of a deposit by a Belgian businessman is assimilated to the refund of misappropriated money. And the unfortunate man is thrown into the vengeance of the people, while the Special Criminal Court has not tried the case yet.Basile Atangana Kouna and some of the regime's pundits are they hidden shareholders of the Camerounaise des Eaux (CDE)? Is that why he is being held at the Kondengui Prison? No media to unravel the skein of the soup.

On the contrary, the confusion is every time at the rendezvous. To the chagrin of the Moroccan authorities. They claim that no Cameroonian is a shareholder of the CDE, consortium of three Moroccan companies, which has decided to subscribe - with success - to an international call for tender launched ten years ago by the State of Cameroon under the supervision of the World Bank.

Undoubtedly, the Cameroonian press (some press, for some) has failed in its mission. Better, she resigned, to be easy and populist, sacrificing in passing "the widower, the widow, the orphan and the weak" to the altar of the battles of apparatus and coteries decided to fire everything wood. The Cameroonian press has forgotten the Dreyfus Affair, which has given the profession all its nobility. She must, however, recover. "Well informed, men are citizens. Uninformed, they are subjects, "says the adage.

Reporter: Thierry Ndong Owona