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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Honorable Célestin Ketchanga Promised To Chang The Life Of 10,000 Bike Riders If Paul Biya Is Elected

The Honorable RDPC Member of the House of Commons, Honorable Célestin Ketchanga, promises to issue 10, 000 driver's licenses to the "bensikineurs", if outgoing President Paul Biya is elected for a seventh term.

A few weeks before the presidential election on October 7, politicians multiply captivating speeches and promises to voters, the shock of instructions and counter-voting, pressure and counter-pressure, and finally by a proven propensity of voters to monetize their right to vote.

Thus, facing the media men in Douala on Monday, September 10, 2018, MPP RCDC Celestin Ketchanga did not depart from the rule, the politician in more than 10 thousand driver's license, also promises 10 thousand insurance and 10 thousand helmets to taxi motorcycle drivers.

Instead of being places of ideological debates, electoral and political campaigns take place rather in an atmosphere of "electioneering promise"

Philipe Nanga, coordinator of the Non Governmental Organization "A world to the future", very introduced on issues of electoral corruption has indignant at the microphone of our fellow radio Balafon.

"To say it like that orally and publicly, it is quite serious, it is an electoral corruption, repressed by the law. This act is simply fraud liable to prosecution. Openly stated that we will pay people to vote is very serious consequences. I hope Mr. Ketchanga has measured the scope of his remarks. Opposition parties can start documenting this as election fraud, "he argues.

Corruption of voters and tellers, ballot stuffing, threats and intimidation of representatives of opposition political parties have often been used by businessmen and senior officials to ensure Paul Biya a futile victory.