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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Here are the biggest dreams of Clarisse Wopso not realized before his death Valerie Pascal Wopsososo

Behind her clips with multicolored outfits and funny videos published in recent years, there was a passionate. Doubt persisted for a long time before the death of Clarisse Wopso became certainty. Because his death, often announced, was finally denied each time by new videos of the singer, at least strange, around his pious revelations and his alleged "missions" entrusted by Christ and the Virgin Mary.

The social networks that the artist had chosen to use to make his appearances popular, served as drivers for the official announcement of his death on August 2, after the discovery of his remains the day before in a hotel residence in Compiègne, municipality in the department of Oise in France.

Met yesterday in Yaoundé, his brother, Paul Mairaux Akono Akono, cultural promoter known as Akopaumair, has extended the health problems that have affected the singer physically and particularly psychological. "He had been diagnosed with an internal cyst in his head. Our big sister who also lives in France has interned her three times in reference hospitals in Paris. Three times in a row, Clarisse ran away. She had not accepted the disease, and it was very difficult for us to reason with her. I just want to say it here: yes, Clarisse has a family who tried to help her, contrary to what many people believe, "says Akopaumair.

According to a statement from the mayor of Compiègne, the artist succumbed to a natural death. Thus ends, the life of Clarisse Wopso, born Dany Clarisse Akame, a singer with an offbeat style. His career is five albums: "Wopso" (2005), "The Wopso saucer" (2007), "Sugar hit the cosmos" (2009), "Thief of pleasure" (2012) and more recently, in his last hours of artist, "Diamond of God".

In her early childhood, Clarisse Wopso was a member of choirs, notably in Obala and Mfou. In this town of Mefou-et-Afamba, she had for choir singers, names like Patou Bass or Viviane Etienne. In high school, the native of Sangmélima, seventh of a sibling of nine children, is involved in dance groups and artistic cooperatives. A few years later, while she is now a student in Yaounde (she will go through the Tsinga and Cité-Verte high schools), Clarisse Wopso gets in touch with the famous leader of the Crtv, Foly Dirane, and becomes a participant recurring of his program "Delirium".

She performs pieces by artists such as Tshala Muana and Jacky Biho. After her probation, she meets her first husband, a Belgian. "She left for Brussels in 1999," recalls her brother. In the capital of Belgium, Clarisse pursues her dreams of music. She records in studios, works her voice and her songs. Songs that will never come out ... Her husband dies suddenly, and Clarisse is the main legatee of his property. Later, in France, she meets Pascal Valéri. The young Clarisse Akame becomes Clarisse Valéri. It is under this name that she released her first album in 2005 "Wopso", with the title "Akopaumair" in tribute to her late father and others like "Jalousie", "Eva Ondoua Jeanne", "Resistance" ... After this album, Clarisse adopts a look that makes her ... special. Unfortunately, we will only talk about this whimsical side of the singer.

"People did not take the time to listen to his music, his words. She did not sing sulphurous messages around sex. She was in the religious setting. She had messages around awareness, well-being. We focused on his appearance, and the anecdotes around his private life. And I must say that it hurts me a lot, "says his brother. For him, she had a heart of gold. She was also a dynamic woman, obstinate when she had an idea. She dreamed of meeting the older ones. "Clarisse dreamed of a duet with Jacob Desvarieux," said his brother, presenting a cliché with the Kassav star. Ambitions that will never be finalized. The artist died at 39 years old.