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Sunday, September 30, 2018

The day Chantal Biya humiliated Paul Biya in public

The scene takes place in 2012 at the funeral of the brother of the Head of State in Mvomeka'a. During the Requiem Mass, the First Lady refused to shake hands with her husband "as a sign of peace".

Chantal Biya, the first lady of Cameroon, surprised the thousands of people present at the funeral of her brother-in-law in Mvomeka'a. While the requiem mass of Benoit Assam Mvondo unfolds without problems, apart from the delay of more than 25 minutes accused by the presidential couple according to the established program, the wife of the Head of State has stole the show at patriarch whom one was preparing to lead to one's last home.

Indeed, at the time of proceeding to the ritual of the anamnesis where the prelate asks all the faithful taking part in the mass "to give a sign of peace in the charity of Christ" by greetings, Chantal Biya deliberately refused to greet the Head of State Paul Biya, this in front of the cameras that broadcast the Eucharistic celebration live on giant screens installed in different places. The first lady will even push the arm of her husband at the insistence of the latter.

A reaction that will provoke an uproar in the crowd outside the Saint-Etienne chapel in Mvomeka'a. Until the end of the religious service, this attitude will be the subject of all comments.

"It's not possible! How can "mom Chantal" do that to the president in front of everyone? ", Surprised a lady dressed in the colors of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM). The situation was all the more complex as we saw on board the presidential vehicle en route to burial, a first lady in tears.

However, during the brewing and lifting of the body that took place the day before in Yaoundé, it is a serene presidential couple that we saw at the General Hospital.Despite the mourning situation, Chantal Biya was greeted by many fans who had come to show their support to the first weeping lady on this painful occasion.

It must be remembered that the wife of the head of state was welcomed in triumph on September 10, when she returned to the country after several months of absence.