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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Gendarmes interrupt CPP People’s Party rally in honour of Reuben Um Nyobe

Security officers early Saturday Setember 15 stormed the Nkomondo nieghbuorhood in Douala, Littoral Region of Cameroon interrupting a rally of the Cameroon People’s Party CPP in honour of Reuben Um Nyobe one of the architects of the country’s liberation from colonial rule.

Saturday’s development comes days after frontline candidates at the October polls in what many have described as an attempt to make political gains paid tribute to the controversial figure.

Observers hold that, the CPP faction which programmed the rally could be that of Edith Kah Walla. Territorial administration Minister Paul Nji Atanga a few months back recognized Samuel Tita as leader of the CPP. Kah Walla threatened court action.

On September 13 this year marking 60 years since the demise of Nyobe, candidates such as Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front SDF and Muna Akere of the Popular Front for Development, PFD paid tribute to the founder of the UPC party.

Osih on his social media platform published a message he sent across same time last year. Osih said Nyobe “ Lost his life to put an end to colonialism and offer to each and everyone freedom. He aimed for the greater good of our nation. Today as we commemorate his death, we must realize that, time has come for us to liberate our country.. We will be freed on October 7. 2018 if we act accordingly” Osih’s tribute read in part.

Akere whose PFD heads into the October elections with support from a faction of the UPC wrote that “ the struggle of Um Nyobe was not only to obtain freedom for our people but especially to forge new mentalities, individuals more proud and aware of their human value. This journey towards freedom of spirit is the treasure we must keep and transmit to future generations” Akere wrote.

Cameroon Renaissance Movement CRM’s Maurice Kamto also candidate at the elections wrote that “ today September 13, we shall all spare a thought for the soul of Reuben UM Nyobe to whom this country owes much”.

On September 13, 1958, Nyobe an advocate of arms struggle to liberate Cameroon from colonialism was murdered. This was near his native Boumnyebel, Nyong-et-Kelle Division of the Center Region. On April 10, 1948, Nyobe founded the Union Des Populations du Cameroun, UPC. Its prime motive was to fight for the immediate independence and reunification of Cameroon.