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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Garga Haman Adji: "I do not see who is more competent than me... there will not be any in my life"

Cin | Garga Haman Adji was this 26 September, the guest of BBC Africa. The former minister claimed that he finished 2nd in the 2011 presidential election but that his place was taken away from him in favor of the SDF candidate, John Fru Ndi, "for politico-linguistic reasons". The ADD leader sees himself as the only opposition candidate able to challenge Paul Biya. He does not fail to tackle Cabral Libii and Joshua Osih violently.

Question: Twice an unfortunate presidential candidate against the same opponent, at 74 you are still in the race. What motivates you ?

Garga H: That's what motivates me is that I'm just following Olympic principles: we're doing three trials.

Question: Never two without three ...

Garga H: Never two without three as you say so well. I will win even the second time, I was 2nd but, for supposedly politico-linguistic reasons, it was not necessary that the 1st and 2nd were francophones.

Question: In 2011, it was you who came 2nd in the election and was offered the place to Mr. Fru Ndi, the candidate of the SDF, the main opposition party?

Garga H: Exactly! I say it loudly and intelligibly, I hold that of ELECAM and the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

Question: What can make you win the election this time?

Garga H: What made me 2nd the last time, especially this time, the SDF is no longer led by an anglophone and then in any case, the President-in-Office must lose a little electoral weight in because of his age of 86 years and 36 years of rule. We are in a democracy and not in a monarchy.

Question: In 1992, you were the campaign director of Fru Ndi, who is your eldest three-year-old candidate for the main opposition party. He retired precisely for the benefit of Joshua Osih. What comment does this inspire you?

Garga H: Well, I do not know what transaction they did, but I'm sure behind is hiding a deal. His replacement does not have his aura. The replacement (Joshua Osih Ndlr) is not from North West, South West or South, but he is from all at once.

Question: Is not this an advantage?

Garga H: No! On the contrary, in a period of so-called anglophone crisis, I think it was a mistake to remove a 100% anglophone to replace someone whose origins we do not know very well.

Question: But who is ultimately your opponent, is it President Biya or your friends of the opposition?

Garga H: When you have FIFA or the European Football Union, I believe that every team has everyone who will play against each other; a Barcelona player does not have to blame a PSG player; they can be friends but play and everyone will be happy to win. I am in that logic. I fulfill all the conditions in relation to other Cameroonian ministers. I do not see who is better trained, more competent, or more experienced than me. There are none and there will not be any in my life.

Question: Third attempt, last try for you?

Garga H: Last try. I tell you, I only ask for a warrant. The mandate in Cameroon is 7 years and I leave the presidency of the Republic.

Question: What is your solution to the resolution of the Anglophone crisis?

Garga H: He (Paul Biya Ndlr) had charged me to look for the roots of the English-speaking evil. And of the five proposals that I had made him by discovering what was wrong, he answered positively to four. In Cameroon, the regions will be grouped into five politically decentralized provinces. It is not administrative decentralization, but the political decentralization of the provinces that I am going to create. There will be five instead of ten now and we will do so by social, political and economic affinities.

Question: One of the candidates went to Dakar at the grave of President Ahidjo. What comment does this inspire you?

Garga H: It's pathetic! This one (Cabral Libii) only went because he is a candidate. He believes that the "sheep of the North" as they are called, ... he makes fun of people; he knows nothing of the life of the northerners and he will have no voice there.