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Friday, September 14, 2018

Exposed: Paul Biya suffers from a mental disorder, revealed by a French journalist

The president of Cameroon who has ruled the country for more than 35 years. At 86, he ran for the October elections, which experts and other opinion leaders found aberrant at his age. According to Jean Luc Hees, journalist and writer, President Biya is part of a list of leaders who suffer from psychopathy. A mental disorder that would explain his choices of communication to the population.

This is the post of whistleblower Boris Bertolt

They are psychopaths, sociopaths, neuropaths ... They reign over the countries of the Caucasus or Latin America, North Korea or the Philippines. They extravagantly rule the life of the White House or the Kremlin. They rape and massacre their own people as in Syria. They lower their function as in Thailand, torment their opponents as in the Maldives. It is the Princes who govern us, Princes of immorality, disorder, narcissism, aberration, sometimes dementia, violence and its corollary, cruelty.

Some are cataloged by the UN as "war criminals", or they are accused of "genocide". The world watches them work, often without reacting. All did not commit the same atrocities. The Filipino President boasts of having killed several times with his hands. Donald Trump never pointed his revolver at a New Yorker passerby. But all these characters display some disturbing characteristics. And they pose a risk to the planet. Bashar al-Assad, with half a million dead on his conscience, can put the Middle East on fire. Kim un-Jung can scratch an American or Japanese city. And Donald Trump, who often asks his military advisers what an atomic bomb can do if it can not be used, is hardly reassuring. Despite the tragedies of the twentieth century, the long line of monsters is renewed in a globalized world, where information has never circulated so much.

Authors biography

Jean Luc Hees, journalist and writer, was for ten years correspondent Washington. Upon his return, he hosted the show "Synergie" on France Inter. He will take charge of the channel until 2004. He joins Radio Classique and Charlie Hebdo, before being appointed head of Radio France, a position he will hold until 2014. Jean Luc Hees is the author of several books on the United States.