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Friday, September 28, 2018

Etoudi: Paul Biya, a Prophet without miracles

Cameroonians are now called to vote overwhelmingly for an invisible "prophet" in the campaign of the October 7th presidential election. 

Indeed, by claiming the title of "prophet", the regime of Paul Biya is at the end of proposals and is confined to lie now openly. He is still trying desperately to mystify the Cameroonian people, once again, after 36 years without any miracle.

Also in the absence of these proofs that would make of Mr. Biya a "prophet", the partisans of his regime, his ideologues, his flatterers and sycophants, his watchdogs fill his gaps and absences with Messianic slogans and pots wine all the way. This is not the expected way to conduct a professional campaign, especially when it seems unable to demonstrate a minimum of good faith.

Indeed, the Biya regime is known to constantly flourish with the medieval norms of politics, when those in power arbitrarily decided who was telling the truth and who was a traitor. The CL2P holds in this regard a long list of political prisoners confined in the dictator's dungeon, only because the "prophet" has decided thus, that is to say the fact of the prince. As with the "prophet", all goodness is projected upon him, and all evil is cast upon those who oppose him. Thus, the "prophet" carries the ideals while the wicked trim the shadow of the underworld.

When a politician presents himself as a "prophet" like Mr. Biya, he does not just represent himself. He makes a broader statement about faith and politics - and, in this case, shapes the way people perceive or need to perceive Christians and Christianity.

One could hope, however, that when persons publicly identified as Christians enter the public ARENA, they would bring a certain distinctiveness, including a clear commitment to justice, to treat other human beings, especially the weak and the vulnerable, with dignity and respect.

To tell the truth to the powerful instead of acting as courtiers for them, neither to slander the opponents, nor to trust the prince blindly, and especially not to allow the Christian faith to be used as a frank and political weapon, image of what Cardinal Christian Tumi did recently in Cameroon, when he initiated an inclusive dialogue process for the peaceful resolution of the Anglophone crisis, an initiative immediately relayed and seconded in Paris by the CL2P.

Perhaps in his private life, Mr. Biya is a pious man. But it is clear that his policy does not reflect the teachings of Christ.His tyranny harms Christian witness. His terror is, moreover, prejudicial to the Christian faith to which he claims to have pledged allegiance since the seminary.

His inhuman political acts are embarrassing and unhappy. They must end after 36 years who can be described as heretics.