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Friday, September 21, 2018

Etoudi 2018: the financing of the campaign divides the opposition

Fifteen million CFA per candidate. This is the first part of campaign financing, which puts the candidates in complete disagreement. 

The representatives of the candidates running for the presidential chair were summoned on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 by the "Minister of Territorial Administration" Paul Atanga Nji, to collect their campaign money.

As a result of this presidential campaign, which begins in a few days, the government, through its institution, the "Ministry of Territorial Administration" (MINAT), has proposed an amount of 15 million CFA francs to candidates running for the highest office.

But this campaign budget is dividing Cameroon's opposition even further. Three parties fiercely opposed this amount. This is the case of the representative of the "Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon" (MRC) in the person of Alain Fogue who categorically rejected this money. "The budget of the presidential campaign is 15 billion. How to explain that we give 15 million in advance for individual campaigns.

It's insignificant, yet the bond itself costs 30 million, "he says.

The representative of the "United People for Social Renovation" (PURS) also declined the offer, including that sent by Pastor Franklin Ndifor.

On the other hand, the respective representatives of the "Social Democratic Front" (SDF) and the UNIVERS party, did not hesitate to take the 15 million, believing that "this will nonetheless serve to deploy on the ground for a start"

At that moment the official justifications for the rejection of this funding are awaited. But in the social networks several reactions are already scrolling.

While some already believe that those who have taken this so-called first "advance", are pawns of the formation in power, others believe that the misery in which the postulants to the presidency of the republic is there for many.