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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Eric Kingue reveals "finally" what he really thinks of Penda Ekoka

The campaign director of Maurice Kamto pronounced on his rallying to the Mrc candidate in the presidential election of October 7th. 

You have joined the candidate Kamto, whose campaign you are running ... The reasons for this choice?

Thank you for the opportunity that you give me to return to this question. The reasons for my choice of Professor Maurice Kamto are purely logical and honest. When I joined him when I was not a candidate, I had to act. And acting for me supposed to rally a camp without passions, without weaknesses, without emotions, but a camp that seemed closer to me than the other eight.

In these conditions, we do not privilege the village, nor the families, nor the friendships, nor the camps, we think first of the people and we go for it. This is what I did for the best interests of the Cameroonian people who are calling for a change of leadership at the head of our country. I could not remain indifferent.

Some time ago you were quite critical of this candidate ... You felt that he was less experienced than you in politics ...

This question is of capital interest and deserves that I 'brings necessary lighting.You see, on June 4, 2017, as I launch the patriotic movement for a new Cameroon in Douala, I make the statement that I am a colonel and Professor Maurice Kamto lieutenant. At that moment, no other truth was above that one, for a reason at least, I was an elected one whose name was known across borders politically speaking, which was not the case for Professor Maurice Kamto whose name resonated much more in the amphitheatres than on the political field proper. At that time, then, while I was accumulating 20 years of political activism in various elective positions within the CPDM, Professor Kamto had a weapon at the helm of the MRC. The portal of the Cameroonian diaspora in Belgium. It is true that the RCM existed, but its breakthrough was still limited, so how can I not understand at that moment that I am a colonel and a lieutenant?

Only, as a sprinter, Professor Kamto has launched irreparably on the ground throughout the territory to touch the finger of the miseries of the Cameroonian people. As a drug addict and without rest, he braved streams and bushes to meet his compatriots. In total, nearly 300 municipalities visited and hundreds of thousands of Cameroonians met. At the end of such harassing and Herculean work, how could one not honestly recognize this metamorphosis of the one who was a lieutenant yesterday?

All work well done deserves stripes, and speaking of stripes, he took between June 4, 2017 and the day of our alliance. On a caricatural level, he started from the rank of lieutenant to that of colonel. What characterizes me in particular is my honesty in recognizing the efforts of others, once these efforts have been recognized and before Professor Kamto's outstretched hand, I had no choice but to accompany him to the victory of October 7th. Especially because he had already caused a penalty for which I should bring my coaching and especially in an environment where rode an old man of 86 years to make him the wrong tackle.Cameroonians must know that there are no permanent enemies in politics, only the concerns of the people must be permanent and the suffering of the Cameroonian people ordered that I go down in the arena.

The contempters of your candidate do not stop accusing him of "tribalism" ... Why?

Cameroon is a peculiarity on the planet earth, it is one of the countries where bitterness and jealousy have installed their headquarters, one is sometimes wondering if God has a day gone by here. In this country, no one has the right to be normal and correct, no one has to be honest, something must always be done to dirty the other. What do not we say about who in Cameroon? These critics of Maurice Kamto who accuse him of being a tribalist are themselves chief tribalists.How can he be accused of being a tribalist when he has Eric Kingue and now Penda Ekoka at his side? Do not our two origins show that Professor Kamto is not a tribalist?

Are Ekoka and I Bamileke? If for my case I have 25% of Bamileke blood, is it the same for Ekoka? Let Kamto deploy his program and be judged on the basis of this program. It is the relevance of his program and a common minimum vision of our society that has brought us together. I have just shown you that our presence with Maurice Kamto completely dilutes those tribal impulses that could be stuck on his back.

Mrc refused to receive government funds for the campaign. This means that you see the issue of political party financing differently ...

The question of funding political parties during the campaign is a real concern that deserves our strong condemnation of the actions of Mr. Paul Biya and his associates. Cameroon and the regime of Paul Biya must at least present to the whole world the image of a country less hideous, less mentally deluded and exceptional in its excesses.

How to understand that a presidential candidate gives alms to his opponents when he wants, as he wants and at the rate he wants?

While at the same time, this candidate is using public funds as he wishes, adding to them state staff including village chieftaincies? Paul Biya's management of the state is extraordinary in that he has no shame or decency and behaves as if Cameroon was no longer a modern state.Clear and crisp information How to understand that the candidates give the State 270 million in term of guarantee and that the State gives them back 135 million by way of financing their campaigns?

You have to be in Cameroon to live this. As the candidate's campaign director Maurice Kamto, I invite the national and international community to see this step of double standards. 50 billion CFA francs are expected this year for elections in the public budget, what do we do with these 50 billion? Do we want to believe that only the printing of the ballots and the support of the members of ELECAM who will cost 50 billion CFA francs?

Candidate Kamto's campaign management says no and calls on Paul Biya to quickly repair this situation, which shows in the universal opinion that these people have completely destroyed the public fund. How to continue to let thieves like these in power? If you look closely, you will find that President Paul Biya and those around him alone are swallowing more than half of Cameroon's budget annually, and this must stop.

Do you have a particular strategy for the Moungo, your stronghold?

The question about the Moungo makes me smile, because my tentacles are much wider than the territory of Moungo. I do not have specific strategies for the Moungo, I have a strategy for the candidacy of Maurice Kamto. And this strategy is being progressively closed, it goes from the mobilization to the monitoring of our votes and the very near future will tell us.

We will never remind you enough: you are a former Rdpc ...

(Laughs ...) Having been to CPDM means what exactly? Is it a sin, a crime or a denial? In the CPDM there are humans, even if they are barely 2%, I was part of this 2%, I want as proof the sacrifices I made (8 years in prison) for the weakest of In my locality, my struggles have changed wages there from 18,000 FCFA to 42,000 FCFA, which is of course insufficient, but a step nonetheless. And I'm honored to know that my fight has allowed thousands of families to add a tomato to their daily meals.

Thanks to my fight also, the municipality of Penja began to touch some of its taxes.How not to be proud of it? Yet these fights, I have led in the CPDM, to say in other words that in CPDM everyone is not blessed. There are some very very tiny seeds that exist but still work for the Cameroonian people. In conclusion CPDM means mismanagement, stupidity, 94% folly, some seeds are not rotten and I was part of it.

You come, hot topic, to attend the rally to your candidate, Christian Penda Ekoka;what do you bring such rallies? Are there others on the way?

The arrival on our platform of Mr. Christian Penda Ekoka is a real victory, the victory of cultural pluralism, the victory of the reinforcement of the intellectual capacities likely to build this country, the victory of the relevance in terms of vision on the lightnesses which exist here and there.

Mr. Penda Ekoka is a well-known and universally recognized value, whose contribution will weigh on the balance to come. We celebrate it with great pride and like him, we call other values ​​to rally to the candidate Maurice Kamto. Our coalition is open to everyone, even to candidates in competition.

Talents such as Serges Espoir Matomba and Cabral Libii can still put themselves above their personal pride if their concerns really revolve around the Cameroonian people who are calling for change in the leadership of this country. We remain open to all.

The elections in Cameroon have often been tainted with disputes. What are the arrangements made by your candidate's team for not being a victim of these problems?

It is universally known that no election in Cameroon for 30 years has been normal.In other words, President Paul Biya has never been legitimate in governing this country. And the most recent example is the 2011 election, in which more than 20 million Cameroonians won only 3 million votes from Cameroon, which is well below what a leader normal should have to govern a country.

On the one hand, the people abstain from registering, and on the other hand, when they register, they abstain from voting because they constantly think that the dice are thrown in advance. We are working to make 2018 different, we will not reveal our secrets here, but believe me, things will be different.

Does the student activist of the 90s find at Kamto the desired ideal since time?

Professor Kamto on the strictly academic level represents a dream of the young African, on the political level, he has forged a carapace that reassures about the future of the political succession in Cameroon. It represents for me what it takes to create an awakening of younger generations who embark on politics.

What we win with Professor Kamto, unlike in previous years, is that he is better than his other eight competitors. For this reason, I invite the Cameroonian people in their great majority, who dream of change in this country, to trust us by voting Professor Maurice Kamto to whom my surety for this people is not negligible.