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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

English-speaking regions: the mayor of Buea recruits a hundred young people

This precamping week, the mayor of Buea, capital of the southwestern region has published an announcement of recruitment of 100 young residents of his municipality.

According to Patrick Ekema Esungue, the work will consist of clearing roads, clearing land. The work that will be for an indefinite period, has elicited comments among the population of the city.According to some sources, the purpose of the provision of these jobs would be to prevent the mass exodus observed in recent days in the English-speaking regions and in the South-West particularly.Recall that the Mayor of Buea released this cartridge when we saw an atmosphere of massive displacement to the English-speaking areas.

Indeed, on Saturday, September 15, the governor of the South-West region had held a press conference at the end of which he invited Buea residents to stay in their homes and not leave the city. After his press conference, the governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai went to the 17 mile train station where nationals from the Southwest Region and the city of Buea in particular were on the street of travel to French-speaking cities: Douala, Yaoundé and many others.