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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Electoral campaign: Ndongo reveals the calendar and warns candidates

The head of public broadcasting yesterday unveiled the plan of coverage of the election campaign by the bodies he leads.

All that composes the Cameroon radio and television will be associated with the coverage of the electoral campaign for the presidential election scheduled on October 7, 2018. To do this, new equipment has been acquired. There are 16 new vehicles, reporting units and computer equipment.

The efficient and above all balanced coverage of the activities of the 9 candidates declared is the chief concern of the Director General Charles Ndongo. "The outline of our coverage plan is first to offer visibility to all candidates. It is to reflect the mood of the campaign when the time comes and naturally the post-election in serenity. This is what we want, "he said in a report broadcast on the antenna of CRTV National Post mid-day on 14 September 2018.

At the same time that he promises to bring to the listeners, television viewers and Internet users of the CRTV the reality of the field, Charles Ndongo swears to do everything so that none of the competitors can find fault with the work of his men. "I do not want a candidate to complain that one of his meetings has not been covered. On the other hand, we will only reflect reality as it unfolds in the field. We are not going to frustrate the candidates who are going to have 30 meetings and we do not like to frustrate the candidates who will have only two or three meetings "(...)" We will try to make syntheses so that the table does not not too unbalanced. But what counts is once again fairness, honesty and offering the same opportunities to everyone, "said the former editorialist.

However, the CRTV is prohibited from relaying hate speech, slanderous speech or propaganda that could undermine national integrity and unity.