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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Election 2918: Biya Launched various competition few days to election including the recruitment of 1,000 teachers, 15 mining and geological engineers and 10 journalists

In less than two months, about twenty direct recruitment competitions have been launched. A happy coincidence that coincides with the presidential next October.

"Maneuvers: Public Jobs versus Vote on October 07? ". This is the title that bar the front page of the daily Mutations of this Tuesday, September 25, 2018. The newspaper observes a "rain suspected of competition" since last August. There are more than 1759 spaces available for some 23 direct recruitment competitions in the public service for this year.

On September 20, the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph LE, signed a decree recruiting 1,000 teachers of basic education in the civil service. In August, noted the newspaper, several competitions have been launched.

Our colleague quotes "the recruitment of 15 mining and geological engineers on August 16, that of 10 journalists (August 4), 10 inspectors of documentation and the opening of training competitions at INJS and that of CENAJES launched last 06th of August. Translation, mining and geology, animal industries, agriculture, civil engineering, water and forests, fishing, sports and livestock are all areas of employment.

In addition to these competitions, there are the results of other recruitment competitions launched earlier: the police, ENAM, my English judicial staff etc. These job opportunities that young people seize, coincide with the electoral period of the presidential election of October 7th.

According to sociopolitist Claude Abe, "there are strong electoral aims behind all these actions". The academic analyzes that it is "obviously a campaign argument" for the candidate Paul Biya and his team who "might want to demonstrate to young people that it is not just a number of speeches and that the speeches meet acts ".