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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Election 2018: when artists take position!

"Paul Biya must leave!"  said the young Cameroonian rapper

Since the convocation of the electorate on July 9 in view of the presidential election scheduled for October 07, 2018 next, the Cameroonian political scene is in full swing.

The height of all this came when the "father there" announced his candidacy for his own succession. Hum! The revolt began. The spirits are warming up everywhere. Gamers 237 are not left out.The campaign has started. Everyone has something to say and the rappers have made a recovery.

Even though he released this song last year, the aim was indeed the Etoudi 2018 campaign. The artist had already shouted his bloody heart, considering that the president in place must go rest! He also announced a single "October 7" for very soon.

"Paul Biya must leave!" (A phrase once pronounced), said the young Cameroonian rapper One love in a title he swayed last September 03.

We may be used to hearing rappers express themselves in politics but rarely in this pre-campaign period where all attention is focused on October 7th, and especially when we know that they can more or less to be influencers of youth.

One Love wants the departure of "Pa'a Paul" and does not hide it in its text that combines lyricism, satire and irony. "Since my birth I have known three popes, in the name of God, you are very strong myself" in this message a little daring, the rapper ghettomanian is well aware of the risk he takes. He even calls on France in a parabolic way "here I am who signs a sound that will bring me to the ngass [•••] is France going to help me? I do not think so ".

This melancholic rhythm to the paces lets associate with the basic lyrical its crying for the Cameroonian youth.

To count without Valsero would have been impossible. When we thought it was One Love who had said everything, the former hit much harder. From video to texts, we have goose bumps. "How many people, this man go kill? Oh you go kill we tired, "the chorus does not turn around the bush.For Valsero, our president is a criminal and must leave instead of using force to stay in power.

However, we must note that the departure of Paul Biya that claims One love does not help some. And it is with strong voices that they invite him to represent himself to complete his mandate at 42 years.

In any case, it is what emerges from the song of 2Boys in collaboration with Chelsea in "We will vote Paul Biya in 2018".A song full of twists and dance that demonstrates the enthusiasm and commitment of the authors to support their "champion". Without lying to you, even when I listened to this song twice, I wanted to dance so much there is rhythm.She was composed on an instrumental Afro pop with Bikutsi colorations. In short, as we like it.

The message is strong enough. In this song they take stock (where they saw that or ooh) of the completed mandate of popol and present the future projects like the CAN 2019, the dam of Lom Pangar, the highway Douala-Yaoundé to the point of affirming that the outgoing president "will lead us to prosperity".

In short, it is their "okra" or their notoriety that they apparently seek. Anyway, the campaign is launched, wait for the continuation..