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Friday, September 28, 2018

Election 2018: The secessionists ban a meeting of Me Akere Muna

It was an invitation of Prince Ekosso addressed to the candidate of the 'NOW Movement', Me Akere Muna, which triggered the anger of the secessionists of Ambazonia. 

Indeed, as part of the campaign for the presidential election of 7 October, Prince Ekosso invited Me Akere Muna and his allies to hold an election rally on 27 September in Limbe. And according to activist Mark Bareta, close to the secessionists, the latter immediately responded by issuing an ultimatum to the population of the said locality forbidding them to go to this event. They threaten to retaliate anyone who will attend this meeting.

This reaction of the secessionists falls within the framework of the prohibition formulated by the 'interim government' of Ambazonie which prohibited the holding of the vote in the two English-speaking regions.