Sunday, September 30, 2018

Election 2018: revelations of a relative of Cabral Libii on his candidacy

A Cameroonian from the village of Cabral Libii, candidate for the next presidential election to be held on October 7, makes revelations. What resembles here a dream place Cabral Libii next president of Cameroon.

Below the message of this native Kéllé-Ndongond

CABRAL, my son, hello!

Today is a new day. Your first day as likely PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON.

My son, yesterday, I was in trouble. I was worried. Because, you had to file the file. I had all kinds of thoughts, from the most tragic to the most lighthearted. I imagined you, sitting in front of an admin ELECAM leafing through your file, search, search, search, and find that something is missing that you can not remedy.

My God, what a disaster. At every bad thought, a coffee. I let you imagine my agitation. Then, I see that there is a direct.Your multitude of brothers and sisters was there, waiting for you with joy, honor, pride.Wow, my old nerves have done '' crack, relax, he will not be alone ''. Finally, I saw you arrive. Accompanied by a man, a man at a sure pace, convinced. I loved this man. That man who takes care of my son.

Seeing you in front of this admin ELECAM folder on the table, my head has toured Cameroon. I thought, '' My God, it's this child who is in danger of being in charge, to make sure that the most remote village in the country has a good road, clean water and electricity, that all the departmental hospitals are equipped, the care of the orphans, the elderly, the sick, the underprivileged. The burden of his brothers and sisters who took the trouble to go to school and who came out with a diploma but no work.

It is he who is in charge of ensuring that the sons of Cameroon who are abroad are motivated to return without regrets. It is he who is in charge of ensuring that the deaths on the roads and rails are no longer commonplace. It is he who is in charge of ensuring that a Cameroonian has no need to corrupt or be corrupted.

I asked myself:

'' Did he hurt us so much that we put such a heavy burden on him? '' I said aloud to the man sitting next to you, '' sorry, go out with my child, quickly. '' But he could not hear me because, in fact, I was in front of the computer, thankfully. The room was full, you were not alone, and I wondered: "what other of your children would you like to sacrifice?"

When you I went out, I saw the joy of your brothers. Until then, a very happy mother gave you a coffee. I understood that your brothers chose you. They want you there so that together you can do what is necessary to make sure that a mother never misses water, so that a doctorate never loses the thrift shop, so that a woman is never disemboweled at the entrance of a hospital, so that a stroke can be treated in any hospital without need of evacuation in Europe.

For Cameroon to be one and indivisible.Mother's tears have flowed. Do not ask me especially about joy or pain.

Kéllé-Ndongond Unit