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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Election 2018: PURS bus on fire, Serge Matomba shouts to a plot of assassination

Panic in the PURS camp this Saturday.According to the concordant information that Cameroonweb editorial staff received, Serge Matomba's country bus caught fire in Garoua-Boulai in the eastern region.

A video relayed by the candidate on his official page shows the state of the bus on fire. The causes of this incident are not yet known. But the candidate of the PURS screams to a complicity of assassination.

According to Serge Matomba, it was not an accident. This incident follows the words of the candidate to the threats he received in the day of Friday, September 28.

"My bus suddenly caught fire a day later," writes Serge Espoire Matomba on his Facebook page a few minutes after the incident. Updates shortly