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Friday, September 28, 2018

Election 2018: The presidential will be played between Kamto and me, Say's Cabral Libii

Cabral Libii says he is determined to access Etoudi's palace. In an interview with Jeune Afrique, the candidate invested by the party Universe believes that Paul Biya can not win the poll of October 7, "the election will be played between Maurice Kamto and myself," he argues

below the entire interview

Since the 1990s, there was no such interest Cameroonians for the presidential election. How do you explain it?

Many did not suspect such a craze. It was said that Cameroonians were no longer interested in politics. But it must be understood that it is up to politicians to arouse interest. That's what I wanted to do by bringing fresh blood and trying to convince them that we could remove the political lock that currently exists. From the beginning, I repeat that the most important thing is to ensure that the maximum number of citizens register on the electoral lists. We needed a tidal wave and I think we're about to get it. Of course, it's David against Goliath. We are facing a party in power that can use public money.The key is therefore the popular tidal wave. Paul Biya has the money but he does not have the people.

The format of the election, in a single round, is not favorable to the opposition, especially if it failed to unite..

Of course, the opposition could have made more block. We could have led joint actions to push the people to register even more massively. We would be stronger today. Even if we presented ourselves in scattered ranks, we could have had common representatives in the 23,000 polling stations to bring back the minutes, put our results online and prove our victory with documents. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached an agreement.

How do you explain that the opposition did not manage to unite, when the negotiations were started months ago?

I sometimes feel that some candidates are tied by the money to those who funded them. They may have made commitments they can not give up today. There is also the problem of age. The candidates Akere Muna and Maurice Kamto present for the first time to more than 65 years. This may be the last chance for them. To be more than 70 years old is not necessarily synonymous with political retirement in Cameroon ... I think that the last ancestor we will have at the presidential palace will be Paul Biya. He is the last of the Mohicans.

How do you intend to embody this new Cameroon that you want?

I want above all a Cameroon that protects.Today, there is no health system, no independent judiciary, no protection of the citizen ... In reality, the state is absent, apart from the lifting of the tax. We must change that. I want to write a new social contract with Cameroonians. In the runaway independence, we have not asked ourselves these questions: who are we and where are we going? We are a mosaic of peoples and the only thing that brings us together is our nationality. If we do not agree on why we live together, how can we derive any prosperity? We need a democracy of proximity.

Should we review the form of the state and go, as several candidates suggest, towards a federalism?

We are asphyxiated by hypercentralization.It is not normal that the least trifle should be settled by a ministry in Yaoundé, especially when you have a president who never reacts to anything. It is necessary to regionalize Cameroon, to allow the regions to self-manage in very specific fields.

Regionalism allows us to reap the benefits of federalism while avoiding its perverse effects, including institutional overlap. We must also get out of the captivity of the French / English division. Let's impose a linguistic revolution and make our national languages ​​official languages.

Can the presidential election be held in English-speaking regions?

No. There are areas where there will be no election. In some places, there is nothing.The symbols of the state have been destroyed and there are only soldiers. The winner of the presidential election will not be elected by the whole country. The power in place did not want to settle the question in time and we can understand it: these are areas that are in any case not favorable.

You mentioned John Fru Ndi, leader of the Social Democratic Front (SDF, opposition), which you had won the presidential election in 1992. In what 2018 can it be different?

There are more registrations and more means of control. Once again, we must focus on proving our victory on the basis of the minutes. Paul Biya can not win. So I could be wrong, but I think the election will be between Maurice Kamto and myself.